How to Increase your Google Pagerank

Tips 4 Increasing Your Google PageRank:

Have you ever wondered how those other sites have such a high Google PageRank?  It's actually fairly easy to raise your PageRank.  After I did the following my PageRank jumped from 0 to 2 (my original blog domain not my current  In order to check a websites Google PageRank you need to download the Google Toolbar and you can check any website you visit.

Here is what you need to do:
1. Find out what your readers are most interested in on your site, what are your most popular posts.  If you don't already have it you should register and install Google Analytics or Site Meter to your site.  This way you can track your traffic, determine what posts are most popular and determine where your traffic is coming from and how long they stay.

2. Once you know what your audience likes best.  Focus your posts around that topic.  Use keywords and catchy titles.  Insert pictures, links and great content in your posts.

3.  After you have written your amazing post share it.  Post it to facebook and twitter.  Join other blog communities such as mombloggersclub or bloggeries and talk about your post in their forums or groups.  Join as many other blogging communities as you can (there are a lot of them out there just do a google search).  Become active in the forums and groups. It's a good idea when you are on those sites to add as many people as you can as friends.  Create your own network.  If you can offer a giveaway, contest or review on your site (if your blog calls for that). 

4.  The most important piece to the puzzle.  Register your site on the 3 main search engines.  Once I did this step my PageRank went from 0-2 in within a couple months and most of traffic is now coming from web searches. It's easy and free to register your site.
A) Register at Google Webmaster
B) Register at Bing Webmaster
C) Register at Yahoo Webmaster

Once you have registered your site at the 3 most popular search engines just keep writing great posts, interacting with your readers and staying active in your new blogging communities.