Steps To Cut Out My Toxic Makeup + $10 Off natural beauty order

This year, 2021, is my year to clean house. I don't just mean dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning toilets. I mean cleaning the toxins out of our lives. I'm taking this step due to numerous medical issues that I've been dealing with for years plus the addition of a new diagnoses. I've gotten to a point of frustration and exhaustion. I'm tired of all the medications and most of all the side effects of those medications. During a deep search to better myself I found an article about how toxins in our beauty products could affect our health. I immediately searched my makeup and discovered that almost all of my products could cause problems with the endocrine system... the exact system I have been having issues with for years. So here is how I'm starting to ditch my toxic products and how I'm finding all natural products to replace them with. All links found at the end of the article. I am currently awaiting my samples and will update once they've been tried!

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I will post a separate update once I receive my samples and have had a chance to try them out!