How To View The International Space Station Free From Home

I absolutely love to go outside and look up to the sky. I try to do this for at least one minute every day or night. Why? Because it helps give me a moment of calm, a moment to clear my mind, and a moment to view something different and amazing. 

Last weekend we learned from a neighbor that you are able to view the International Space Station from the comfort of your own yard. This gave us an opportunity to partake in an easy, free, and educational experience. I looked up what day/time we would be able to see the ISS fly over, we all went outside in our backyard and sure enough we saw this small light moving across the night sky. The kids thought it was so cool and it gave us an opportunity to do some further research on the ISS the next day. 

You can easily check to see if you can view the ISS from your area by checking the Spot The Station website. 

The kids loved seeing the ISS fly by and in turn it sparked a new curiosity of space. So, I ordered a telescope for us to use. This way we can get a close look at the stars and constellations, comets that fly by and the planets that we are supposed to be able to see. We can't wait!!

Here are a few great deals for beginner telescopes good for kids.