How To Get Rid Of Smelly Shoes

Smelly shoes bringing you down? As a mom of three boys I have years of experience with funky shoes. Especially after their sporting games. The smell got so bad we started leaving their shoes out in the garage. But we ran into some issues with that quick solution. For one it didn't solve the issue of having smelly shoes, only helped our laundry/mud room not smell like rotted corn chips. So we ventured into the world of odor-reducing products and which product/method we now use!
Our journey started during football season last year when another parent recommended this spray called FunkAway. I had never heard of it before but she assured me it was going to work. So of course I purchased one immediately. This spray really helped on the days when the smell wasn't terribly bad. I would recommend this spray if you have a little bit of funk that you'd like to have disappear. You can find a good at Amazon.

We started to realize that there were days were my son had back to back to back to back basketball games and the funk was increasing. So my husband went out and purchased a product by Odor Eaters called Stink Stoppers. This product stats its made just for kids and teens. We felt like it worked a bit but again didn't really accomplish what we were looking for.

We ended up finding an amazing shoe smell changing method... and it didn't involved any sprays, baby powder, freezing your shoes in a ziplock bag or weird shoe balls. The method that worked the best for use was using dryer sheets. You heard correctly, I said simple easy old dryer sheets. What we do is after the shoes are worn we immediately insert one dryer sheet into each shoe. We normally buy unscented all-free dryer sheets, but for this occasion we went out and bought a regular scented dryer sheet. This method works so well that we haven't had to use any of the sprays. Test it out and let me know what you think!