Did you know there are several simple ways to snag a free Amazon gift card. You can easily score a few gift cards before the holiday shopping season is over! Check out how below. The options below offer more rewards than just Amazon Gift Cards if interested. Scroll to option 4 to see how to get a $3 Amazon Gift Card right now!

1. Fetch Rewards

This is my favorite app for earning free Amazon gift cards. It is so quick and easy. Simply scan your grocery receipt when you get home from the grocery store. YES! It is that simple. Just take a picture of your receipt. You will earn points and once you reach your desired amount of points you can claim your free gift card. It is also a great way to track your spending/habits on groceries. You can redeem an Amazon gift card in the amount of $3, $5, $10, $25, or $50, depending on how many points you have. I just redeem two $10 Amazon Gift Cards last week.

BONUS!! If you sign up today through My Link you will get 2,000 bonus points! Once you sign up, you can then refer your friends and family and earn even more points! The points add up quickly on this app and depending on the products you purchase, you can easily redeem multiple gift cards a year.

2. Ibotta
This app is similar to Fetch Rewards but it comes in second because there is slightly more work to put into it. You also scan your grocery receipt for this app, but you have to purchase certain products. You will then earn money back on the products you buy. You may also be required to scan the barcode of the product you get. I really like using this one since I'm already scanning my receipts anyway. After you reach $20 you can redeem for an Amazon Gift Card. You can quickly reach $20 if you stick to buying this listed products on the app.

To start earning money for an Amazon Gift Card Click Here to sign up. Once you become active, you can refer your friends and family (you can earn $5 for every referral). I'm close to redeeming another $20 Amazon Gift Card!
3. Receipt Hog
I'm adding this app to the list because you can easily scan your receipt with this one while you're scanning your receipts with your other two apps from above. This app involves no work, simply scan and earn coins. Once you reach the desired amount of coins you can cash out for an Amazon Gift Card. This app does not take referrals so there are no bonuses. Just simply scan, earn, redeem. As you can see below I have actually used the PayPal option for my rewards!

4. SwagBucks
You may have heard of SwagBucks before, but this site offers very easy ways to earn points. Once you earn desired amount of points go ahead and redeem your reward. I haven't used SwagBucks in a while and I just logged in today and easily earned 300 points and now I'm able to redeem a $3 Amazon Gift Card. All I did was answer a few surveys and watch a couple videos. There a multiple ways to earn points on this site.

BONUS!! You could redeem a free $3 Amazon Gift Card simply by signing up through my link SwagBucks right now. Once you sign up you'll be given 300 FREE POINTS that can be immediately used for the $3 Amazon Gift Card! So Easy!

5. Other apps or websites that you can use to earn and redeem. I also personally use these, but they take much longer to earn your free gift card.
  • Checkout51
  • MyPoints
  • Surveys On The Go
6. If you simply can't wait to get your hands on an Amazon Gift Card for free, you can always just head over and purchase one while you wait!

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