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How To Make Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Air Fryer Chicken Wings 
From Thawed or Frozen Chicken

I absolutely love chicken wings and nothing could be simpler and more delicious than making them at home in yourAir Fryer.
I recently purchased an air fryer for my family of 5 to make healthier foods. We do most of our cooking at home and also handle multiple food allergies. Cooking every meal at home can be very exhausting and time consuming. We bake a lot of our food. If you think about it baking can become time consuming: pre-heat oven, find the pan, spray or get foil, bake item, pull out, let cool, remember to turn off oven etc.... you get it, it's a process. There are also some items we do like fried and I hated using a traditional fryer.. all that oil was gross and a hassle to deal with. Who wants to clean out and dispose of disgusting oil all the time... not me! And thankfully I don't have to anymore. We love that the air fryer is super quick, not pre heating necessary. And clean up is a breeze with only one fry basket…

Free Domino's Pizza Deal

Free Domino's Pizza Deal

Calling all Domino's Pizza Lovers (or anyone who loves free pizza)! You can score a FREE Domino's pizza simply by uploading pictures of pizza. Domino's is rewarding it's Domino's Piece of the Pie Rewards members with free pizza. As a member all you have to do is earn points. You can do this by eating pizza... ANY pizza (frozen, homemade, gluten free, dairy free or take out from another pizza company) and taking a picture of it before you devour it. Yep, you can upload a picture of any pizza even if it's not Domino's!

My favorite pizza: Chicago Deep Dish.. YUM!!

How the points work:

You could get 10 points for scanning a pizza, once per weekYou can earn up to 6 total timesAfter 6 weeks you will have 60 points60 points = a FREE Pizzapoints expire after 6 months

Steps to get your FREE pizza:

Head over to Domino's Pizza site and create a Piece of the Pie Rewards accountDownload the Domino's Mobile app on your phoneSign into the ap…