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Get Paid For Your Opinions

Do you generally share your opinions on things that matter most to you with friends and family. Why not start sharing those opinions with YouGov and get paid to do so? Earn money for answering questions and surveys about multiple different topics.

How exactly do you get paid for your opinions?
First, join the YouGov community with your Facebook account or an active email address. This is a very quick process and completely free.
Next, express your opinions about interesting topics. Topics include: technology, sports, politics transportation, food and so much more.
Lastly, Get paid!
Here are some of the FAQ's from YouGov.

Turn your Coins into Cash - 4 Easy Steps

Can you imagine throwing away 62 million dollars every year? This is exactly what Americans are doing, literally every single year according to a 2016 Bloomberg report. I bet you're wondering how we are achieving this disappointing stat. It's actually pretty easy... we no longer care about our loose change and we're throwing it all away (62 Million dollars worth).

Most of you have probably noticed that most National banks have done away with coin collecting machines. This has been the main reason for the decline in saving our coins. Nobody wants a bunch of change cluttering up their space. Since the decline in banks offering coin collecting services there has been a rise in coin-counting machines. You have probably noticed these machines at your local grocery store or next to the DVD or Lottery Kiosiks at other retailers. You may have even used one of these machines to turn your coins in. Did you know these coin counting machines are actually taking your money. You lose mon…