FREE Unlimited Books, Videos and Apps for Kids

Have you heard of Amazon's FreeTime unlimited for kids? If not you are missing out on a really great deal. FreeTime is a total game changer, a wonderfully easy way to keep all your kids content in one easy to reach place. FreeTime will give you unlimited access to more than 16,000 kid-friendly books, videos and apps, as well as parental controls to help create a unique experience for each child. You can also add previously purchased content. A bonus feature for us is that you can access your content while off-line which will come in very handy!

Right now you can score this amazing deal for 30 days completely free! FreeTime unlimited is way more convienent than purchasing each item separately from your app store and having your kids scrolling through pages of apps to find what they want. FreeTime Unlimited is available in the US, Germany, and UK. This deal is for both Prime and non-Prime members, so don't worry if you're not signed up on Amazon.

After the 30 day trial period, membership starts at only $2.99/month for an individual plan.

You heard it here first... only $2.99/month, that's a steal! I know you spend more than that on books, apps, games and videos per month. Think of how much you can save by using this plan, not to mention the bonus of parental controls!
Why not check out FreeTime unlimited free first and decide if this is something you and your kids will enjoy! I know we have!