Getting Rid of Clutter

Winter break is both a blessing and a curse. I love having time off of work to spend time with my husband and kids, but December for us is absolutely madness. My husband and I both have company holiday parties, the kids all have school parties and activities, and then to top it off all 3 of my boys have a birthday the week before Christmas. So we throw in a few birthday parties and annual doctor checkups. We also have family stay with us from out of town and then BAM it's Christmas time. Oh and the darn elf.... which. is. not. coming back next year (explanation to come soon). I forgot to add that we live in the midwest where the temperatures were in the negatives all week. It's January now and we have slightly recovered from the madness, we are back to work and school and the weather is still horrible. We know we will be in the house for a long period of time (it usually warms up around Arpil/May timeframe). In the meantime I've had a chance to look around at all of our clutter and it's bugging me. I don't want to wait for Spring Cleaning time, I want to take care of it now so I can enjoy the spring weather. I am going to start with this amazing list I found called 200 Things to Throw Away. I am going to start at number one and slowly work my way through the list. Dad and the kids will get involved on the weekends and I'm hoping by spring time we will have less clutter, less stress, be more organized and have more free time to enjoy the nice weather.

The first 10 items on the list are:

   nice glass one 

For the complete list head over to Embracing Home Making