Experiences not Toys as Gifts

Have you ever heard of gifting experiences? Find out below how we will be gifting experiences this year for our children. December is literally the busiest month of the year for us. I know a lot of families say this but it truly is for us. Our three sons each have a birthday the week before Christmas. That is everything multiplied by three: parties, gifts, cakes, everything needed for birthdays. Then the following week Christmas gifts for all 3 boys not only from us and Santa, but from all their friends and family. Not to mention all the school and work parties and friend and family get togethers. You can only imagine what our house looks like post Christmas... the boys always end up with a ton of toys. They just have so many people that love them and want to give, which we are so blessed for. So after talking with some family members these are some of the changes that will be made this year... we are including experiences for our children and hope to make this a very memorable year.

1.  We have some family that will send money to the boys instead of gifts. Each boy has their own bank account (they are all under the age of 9). They will experience taking their money to the bank and putting it in their savings account, getting a balance sheet and viewing how much interest they have earned since their last deposit. Find out more about setting up bank accounts for your kids here.

2.  Another family member is going to purchase punch cards to the places the boys like to play. This will include the bouncy house type places that are local to us. This gift is great because not only can family gift the punch card but they can also plan time to spend with the boys later in the year.

3. We have another family member who is gifting the boys books in a unique way. Each boy will get an individually wrapped book everyday of December leading up to Christmas. The books will cover a wide variety of topics.

4. There have been times when the boys have gotten a duplicate toy. In the even this happens instead or returning or exchanging it we will be taking them to a local place to donate.

5. Tickets will also be given this year. This is a great idea and gives the kids something to look forward to. Some ideas to consider: Concert tickets, Movie Tickets, tickets to a play or to a theme park.

Experiences don't have to cost a lot either. You can cook a meal, give a massage, schedule a group or family game. There are many different ways to gift experiences.

Has your family given experiences as gifts before? What did you give?

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