A Beginners Guide To Generating Blog Income

Are you new to blogging and looking to generate income from your blog? I've been blogging for 7 years and here is a list of tips on how I started monetizing my blog in the beginning. My first son was born 7 years ago and at that time I was finishing up my college degree. Since I was in school and not working full-time and new that I needed to start making some money on the side, especially if I wanted to pay off student loans. I had a passion for living frugally, couponing and DIY projects and decided to start my blog to share my awesome tips. I have added some affiliate links to this post... you will see why in my last tip.

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How I started to Generate My Blog Income

1.  Adsense = $69.71
The absolute first and easiest step I took was to add Adsense ads to my blog. Most people think that as soon as they set up ads on their sites they will start to generate a ton of money. Sorry to let you down, but this is not the case. Adsense ads will trickle in maybe a few cents when you first get started. The key to increasing the amount you earn from ads is to increase your traffic.

2. Blogsvertise =$1065
Once my traffic started to increase and I had a lot of great content up on my blog I joined Blogsvertise. I was able to write sponsored blog posts and got paid to post them to my blog.  I also had the option to post pay per action posts to earn a certain amount every time someone clicked on that post.

3. Money Back Apps =$62.95
*I not only earned money from using these apps myself but also from referrals from my blog.
Ibotta: $60.45 earned simply by taking a picture of my grocery receipt. Use my unique link and get $10 FREE after joining and redeeming your first rebate.

MobiSave: $2.50 Just like Ibotta I earn money from snapping a picture of my receipt. The earnings from this app aren’t as high, but what I love is that the money is deposited directly into your PayPal account the same day. 

Receipt Hog: 709 Coins This app is another receipt scanning app which counts your money as coins.  Once you reach 1,000 coins you earn $5 to send to your Paypal or Amazon account. The more receipts you scan the more coins you get.

4. Tomoson = Multiple Free Products
Another route I took to start getting paid from my blog was to write product reviews. Thanks to Tomoson I was able to connect with some wonderful companies to review some great new products. I'm also working on paid posts this month. Check out one of my reviews here.

5. Affiliate Marketing = 0

I have recently started a new venture into affiliate marketing. I will report back after my first couple months to give a complete review. I singed up with