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Perfect Salmon in 2 Steps

We love to incorporate healthy fish into our diets at least once a week. The Mayo Clinic states, "The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help keep your heart healthy by protecting the health of your blood vessels, lowering your risk of dying of heart disease." I'm all for a meal to keep my heart healthy. With our busy schedules making a fish dinner had the illusion of taking to much time. I was determined to continue to eat healthy and finally have cooking Salmon down to a science that fits our schedule. In this recipe I use McCormick garlic and Herb Salt Free Perfect Pinch seasoning, but you could use any other seasoning your family prefers. It can be as simple as salt and pepper or a squirt of lemon. Whatever seasoning you decide this dinner will be absolutely delicious!

Fresh Salmon (preferably not frozen)
Preferred Seasoning (salt and pepper, garlic and herb, lemon pepper)
Olive oil


Heat 2 TBSP of olive oil in a paper on medium high heat. While oil is h…

Deals on NFL Gear

If you are anything like our family, you need to have your NFL gear. I am a mom of 3 boys and have a husband who absolutely loves football. I can't lie, I'm also a huge fan and yes I play fantasy football and I bought maternity NFL clothes as well. Needless to say shopping for our Broncos (or whatever team you cheer for) gear can get expensive for 5 fans. Here are some tips to save some money while shopping for your football fans, some tips include affiliate links... and I know we need to update the boys jerseys!

1.  Sign up at NFL Shop: Enter your email address and get a 10% off coupon. You will also get receive special discounts, promotions and new product alerts.

2. Search for NFL Shop deals and coupons at Retail Me Not.

3.  Find Sales on Amazon: like this NFL Denver Broncos Deluxe Youth Uniform Set or search for your favorite team. Was $59.99 NOW $33.33... now thats a deal!

4.  Check out Kohls. They currently have sales on certain team gear. *Before checking our search RetailM…

A Beginners Guide To Generating Blog Income

Are you new to blogging and looking to generate income from your blog? I've been blogging for 7 years and here is a list of tips on how I started monetizing my blog in the beginning. My first son was born 7 years ago and at that time I was finishing up my college degree.Since I was in school and not working full-time and new that I needed to start making some money on the side, especially if I wanted to pay off student loans. I had a passion for living frugally, couponing and DIY projects and decided to start my blog to share my awesome tips. I have added some affiliate links to this post... you will see why in my last tip.
*If you're just starting out with blogging and still need a blog host you can get an amazing deal using Bluehost. Signing up with Bluehost you will; Get a FREE domain name for a year, FREE site builders, 1-Click Wordpress Install and 24/7 Support… all for just $3.45/Month. You won’t find another deal quite like this. Once you start monetizing your blog, this …

Easy Oven Roasted Asparagus

The 10 Best Science Experiments for Young Kids

Science has always been my all time favorite subject, so much so that I studied both biology and chemistry in college and currently work in a laboratory. I really enjoy passing along my passion for science to my kids. There are many benefits of learning science at a young age. Kids will be able to utilize all of their senses to research and investigate. Science encourages kids to ask questions, problem solve and develop patience. Here is a list a my favorite science experiments for kids. I believe that every child should try each experiment at least once. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can come back and try every experiment. All of these experiments can be done at home with supplies that you probably already have on hand. Most importantly make sure the kids are having fun! 1.  Baking Soda and Vinegar Volcano

2.  The Naked Egg

3.  Cleaning a Penny

4.  The Floating Egg

5.  Ooblek Slime

6.  Density Lava Lamp

7.  Elephant Toothpaste

8.  Changing Flower Color

Baby Registry Freebie - Full Size Samples

Awesome Freebie Alert. Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so you can get a Free Welcome Box ($35 Value) when you sign up for a new Amazon Baby Registry. Not an Amazon Prime member yet, Sign Up Now For Free A Free 30 Day Trialand claim your freebie during this time! The welcome box includes full-sized products and samples.I signed up for this last year when I was expecting and it was the best baby registry box I received!

Here is what is included (some boxes may vary slightly) Full-Size Pack of Sensitive Baby Wipes MAM Pacifier Avent Baby Bottle Enfamil Formula Sample Packets Happy Baby Baby Food Pouch Avent Nursing Pads Burt’s Bees Tear Free Shampoo & Wash Babyganics Lotion Aquaphor

Follow These Steps To Claim Your Freebie: Click Here to start your new Baby Registry Click on the “Get Started” Link and sign in

The Best 2 Ingredient BBQ Pulled Chicken