Back to School Savings Tips

It is that time of year again when the kids head back to school.  If you are anything like our family you are probably asking how you can save some money this year.  Kids require quite a lot to return to school; clothes, supplies, bags, medications.  Here is our 4 step process on back to school clothes shopping.

Step 1: Have your child (or children) try on all their clothes, yes ALL of their clothes.  Make 3 piles: keep, save for future use (or donate), trash.  Open all of the drawers, closets and bins full of clothes and throw a trying on party.  Make sure to have a snack and drink available to your child to make this process go by smoothly.  After going through your piles you can determine how many clothing items your child actually needs.  Keep a running list of what doesn't fit anymore so you can stick to the list and only buy what you need.  Save the clothes that don't fit anymore as hand me downs for your younger children, or donate them and deduct on your taxes, or sell them at a kids resale store or garage sale.

Step 2: Check those ads and plan your day.  Plan which day you are going to go shopping so the whole family is on board and is expecting it.  The week before your planned shopping day start checking your local ads (either with the paper on online).  Try to find the items you need on sale. Remember to use your list and don't stray from this list.  NO IMPULSE purchase, make sure all shoppers are aware that only list items will be purchased.  Celebrate sticking to the list by making a special family treat or dessert.

Step 3: Check your money saving apps.  There are multiple money saving apps that you can use to help cut the cost of you back to school shopping.  I used Targets Cartwheel app when shopping for the kids clothes and saved $12 at checkout, I paired that with Ibotta (use my referral code, v6mqaw, and you can earn an extra $10) and Receipt Hog for even more savings.  Also, don't forget to grab the Coupon Sherpa app to instantly use coupons right from your phone.

Step 4: Clearance racks.  I love shopping clearance racks!  I will use clearance racks to find items for next year. If you find a $3 shirt in the size your child will be next year. Grab it!  This way next year you will have less to buy and saved money on the items you need.