5 Best Free Workout Apps

Sworkit: With a motto, “No Gym, No Excuse” you know you’re in for a good workout.  With Sworkit you can easily fit in 5 minutes (or more) of exercise.  Choose from strength training, cardio, yoga or stretching routines. This app is like having your own personal trainer in your living room, it uses audio so you can hear when it is time to change to the next exercise and also shows you the countdown on your screen. You can also choose from multiple pre-set workouts are create your own.

7 Minute Workout: If you are limited on time you need to try the 7 Minute Workout.  This workout is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research.  The researchers put together twelve of the best exercises to help you get into shape.  If you keep up with your daily routine you can unlock more exercise packages.  Some of the exercises include; jumping jacks, wall sit and crunches.

MapMyWalk/Run:  I really enjoy this app because it not only tracks your time and mileage, but also tracks your route.  I love seeing the actual map of my workout when I’m finished, and can visually see where and how for I went.  It’s a good tool to help challenge yourself.

Jetfit: If you are looking for more strength training and bodybuilding this app is for you.  It is loaded with thousands or routines sorted out by body parts.  This app offers detailed instructions, a planner, exercise log, and a timer.  I love that you are able to easily track your progress.

C25K: Interested in running a 5K, but still sitting on the couch?  Check out Couch to 5K, it has been designed to get just about anyone from their couch to running a 5K or 30 minutes in just 9 weeks.  The app starts you off slow with short intervals of walking and jogging and gradually increases the duration of intervals. 

What apps do you use that are must haves?