Save Your Pipes: Learn How to Dispose of Kitchen Grease

We just received our local village bulletin in the mail and I found one section very interesting.  There was a small blurb about FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) buildup in the community water pipes.  It sounds like most people are disposing of their FOG incorrectly and thought I’d share how to dispose of kitchen grease properly.

First, you should never pour any grease in sink drains, toilets or disposals.

If you have a small amount of grease leftover in a pan, let it cool down and solidify.  Once it has a more solid texture wipe it up and throw it in the garbage.

If you have a larger amount of leftover grease let it cool down just a bit and then pour it into an empty glass jar or coffee can.  Let them cool completely and solidify.  Don't forget to seal it with the lid. If you have not filled up the container place it in your refrigerator to save it for next time.  Once the container is full simply throw it in the trash.

So remember to save your coffee cans and/or glass jars.  If you don’t have any ask family, friends or neighbors.

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Do you dispose of our kitchen grease or save it for future cooking?