New Year Resolution Freebies

Do you have a New Year's Resolution?  I read today that the number one resolution is to 'lose weight'.  Seems as though if more people stuck the their resolution to lose weight it wouldn't be so popular year after year because we would all be fit and healthy.  If losing weight, becoming more healthy or maintaining your healthy lifestyle is part of your New Years goals then more power to you!  Here are some Freebies to help start 2014 out right.

AlphaCard is giving away free New Year's Resolution Cards! Click the link to sign up and you can receive a free professionally printed card with up to three New Year's Resolutions printed on the front and an inspirational photo or image on the backside for your wallet or keychain. Each day they'll offer 1,000 free cards to the first users who sign up

Swole is allowing visitors to order a free sample pack of their Sports Nutrition workout supplements. Simply click on the link and complete the form to request yours.

Biofreeze is giving away a pain relieving gel sample pack! Simply click the link and complete the short form to request yours.

Gold's Gym is giving away free VIP passes and class passes. Once you click the link find and click the 'VIP Pass' or 'Class Pass' buttons. Then find your nearest Gold's Gym and select that location to claim your free VIP or Class pass. Valid for 18 years+ and first-time visitors only.

Head over and 'Like' Hada Labo on Facebook and get a free sample of their Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel Cream.

Teaza Herbal EnergySign up to request a free sample pouch. Choices include: cinnamon, coffee, 
peppermint or fire.

MS Active Source - sign up today to receive your choice of free gifts. Choose between: Fitness with Katrina DVD, MyMS Yoga DVD, meditation mp3, It's Not All in Your Head Book or a comic book.  If link does not work try copying and pasting the following link into your browser