5 Unique Ways to Save Money on your Wedding

Looking to get hitched soon.  Don't put yourself in debt planning your wedding.  Be smart, be creative and most of all search out DEALS!

1.  Get Sponsored: This may sound pretty tacky, but just might work for you.  There are some couples who get corporate sponsors for their weddings.  Back in 2006 there was a couple, Dvae Kerpen and Carrie Fisher, who couldn't afford the wedding of their dreams.  They ended up using simple marketing techniques, found 25 sponsors and received everything for free.  One example is they received all their flowers courtesy of 1-800-Flowers.  If you don't mind throwing a few logos in your decor this might just be your best bet.

2.  When it comes time to get quotes from vendors DO NOT tell them you are booking a wedding, simply state you are planning a party.  Most times there is a 25-30% up charge just for stating your purchasing for a wedding… its the good'ol marriage markup.

3. Search out a local wedding resale group on Facebook.  Most wedding goods are used for just one day… not even one whole day a few hours!  If you are looking for a sweet deal search out items that people are selling right in your town.  Search your town, county or city name + the word wedding, yardsale or sale and see what you can find.  Also see whats available on craigslist.

4. Looking for the perfect affordable dress check out the options below to find some great deals, some which will surprise you!

  • Borrow a dress from family or friends
  • Rent a dress for the day
  • Thrift Stores
  • Discount department stores
In the end… no one will know or care where or how much you spent out your dress.  

5.  Keep it simple.  Find some friends or family that will help you make handmade invitations, buy fake flowers and shop the Valentine's day clearance for cute decorations.  Or simply skip the wedding all together and go straight to the courthouse.

What ways did you use to save money on your wedding.