5 Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

Are the polar arctic temperatures getting to anyone else?  These negative temperatures sure have us going a little stir crazy.  If you're anything like us you are definitely looking for some fresh new indoor activities.  Here is our top 5 favorite indoor winter activities. 
  1. Indoor Ice Skating: Grab some wax paper and rubber bands.  Wrap the wax paper around your feet and hold it up by placing the rubber bands around your ankles.  Very fun… and slippery so be careful!
  2. Have a Picnic: Open the blinds and throw a blanket on the floor and create your very own indoor picnic.  The kids will love the change and it'll be so much fun to see what they bring on the picnic.
  3. Water Balloons, Water guns and Bubbles: Turn bath time (or shower time) into an indoor water fun zone.  Allow them to bring the jar of bubbles into the bath and see how many bubbles stick to the water.  Fill a water balloon and see if they can keep it under the water.  Don't forget the squirt gun to pop all the bubbles that haven't popped yet!
  4. Go Camping: Set up a tent (some type of couch cushion, blanket or cardboard box tent), bring some pillows, blankets, flashlight and books.  When you're done playing in your tent try some hot chocolate or smores.
  5. Toy Hide and Seek: There's nothing more exciting than hiding toys and having someone else find them.  Find 5 toys and have your child hide them in one room… then you find them.  Reverse the roles and watch the enjoyment on their faces as they try to find their toys!  We went through everyone room in the house the other day using 5 dinosaurs… it was so much fun!
What activities do you turn to during the winter?