Earn Money with your Grocery Receipts

Wait... don't throw away your receipt!  Did you know you can start earning money by simply scanning in your shopping receipt.  If you have a smartphone you can download the app called Receipt Hog and start making money.  It's very easy.  Just snap a picture of your receipt, earn coins and redeem them for rewards.  Currently, the rewards are money into your Paypal account or an Amazon gift card. Both of which are awesome rewards for simply scanning in receipts.

You may be asking yourself how and why you can earn money this way.  Well there are market research companies out there that are paying money to view your (our) shopping habits.  Now this app isn't going to replace a full-time income, it is a way to add a small amount of extra cash to your budget. 

1,000 coins = $5

I added 3 receipts this morning and got 10 coins for two receipts under $20 and 15 coins for a receipt equaling $98.  

The cool thing is you get 50 coins just for signing up.  And you can earn spins (to get more coins) by adding receipts or by connecting your account to Facebook or emailing your friends and asking them to join.  

Now the really sweet part: If you submit one receipt per week for 5 consecutive weeks  you will go Hog Wild and earn an extra spin per qualifying receipt you submit.  I earned 10 coins with 2 spins today.

If you're interested in learning more or signing up head over to Receipt Hog now

Do you already use Receipt Hog?  If so what has been your experience, good or bad?