Save your Wallet and Waistline with this Easy Tip

Have you ever noticed that when you buy your produce or vegetables that they sometimes go to waste during the week.  Sometimes we're just to busy and look for snacks or food that is readily available.  Here's a great tip to ensure you're not wasting food and how to improve healthy snacking.  First you will need a few good reusable plastic containers (preferably small ones).  After you come home from the grocery store take an extra 20 mins to wash, chop and separate all of your fruits and vegetables.

Here is an example from our last grocery trip.

  • I rinsed and plucked off all our grapes and put them all in a small container
  • I rinsed all our blueberries and put them in small containers
  • I sectioned out individual proportions of our sweet potato chips (salt free) and put them in baggies
  • I sliced up some mango and put them in small containers
  • I sectioned out individual proportions of spinach and put in a container and measured out one serving of salad dressing to accompany the spinach.
  • I do the same thing with leftovers, always measure out individual proportions and store in the refrigerator.

This has been a huge help in our household.  Everyone (including my4 year old) can go to the fridge and easily grab out a healthy snack.  My husband and I have the perfect size servings to pack in our lunches.  Everybody is happy and healthy and we are not wasting anymore food because it is all ready to go during the week! 

What tips do you have to keep your family healthy?


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