How to Clean your Mattress

We are finally home with our new baby, but before his arrival we wanted to make sure the house was organized and cleaned. We went room to room vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing all the surfaces we could see and I mean we did not miss a thing. Cleaning and dusting are important to us (not for the obvious reasons) but because my husband and I suffer from environmental allergies. If it gets too dusty we suffer with runny noses, itchy water eyes and yes, the sneezing. Because of this we use allergy protectors for our pillows, stay on top of the dust mites and make sure we don’t miss a surface.

While we were going through our major cleaning sessions I started to wonder about our mattress. I realized that we had never really cleaned out mattresses and wondered what impact that had on our allergies. Plus my toddler has had many accidents in bed and wondered about urine stains. I mean we spend a good chunk of time lying in bed (well not so much now with the baby) and never once have I thought about cleaning it. Here are some simple steps to get your mattress cleaned.

  • Strip mattress of all bedding materials
  • Vacuum entire surface of your mattress
  • Treat any stains (easy DIY solution here
  • Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda over mattress to deodorize
  • Vacuum up the baking soda

I never really thought about the mattress before, but now that I know how to clean it effectively it will be a staple on the chore list. Mattress cleaning is a great way to preserve your mattress. They are expensive, so save your money and learn how to clean your mattress to avoid having to purchase a new because of a stain or odor issue.