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Holiday Thrift Shopping - Check Out These Prices!

Love Thrift has some perfect gift ideas for this holiday season... here are a few to get your started!

A brand new Houdini Lever Corkscrew (Foil Cutter and Spare Spiral Included).  For only $12!!
20 Golden Books... all the old classics! 
20 Mixed Classic Comic Books!
Super Retro Sonic Record Player.  Works great... gather all your friends and impress with this awesome record player!  Bet you the kids have never seen one before!

Own a Small Business - Here is your 1099K Tax Help

If you are a small business owner you may know how confusing the 1099K tax form can be.  Well if you had any questions regarding this form... check out the answers below.

Easy Safe "Wood Working" Activity for Kids - Hammer and Nails

My son just loves to work with his tools.  He goes around the house "hammering" and "sawing" trying to fix all the "broken" items.  Well I came across an idea of how to make hammering nails more exciting for him.  With this activity he feels like he is doing it just like daddy and gets him all excited.  This activity really helps with hand eye coordination and helps kids feel like they've accomplished a real task.  You've got to try this today!

This activity is safe, cheap and so much fun.

All you need is:
1 block of styrofoam
1 bag of golf tees
A plastic child size hammer
(I also bought styrofoam balls he could nail to the block)

FREE - Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy

Click now to grab your FREE sample of Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy.  Don't forget to check All You for your daily Freebie!

Privacy Laws - Know your Rights

Do you have any of your personal information out there on the internet? Are you concerned about your privacy?  Do you own a blog or a website, participate on Facebook and Twitter or use your credit card to buy products online?  If you do (which I'm sure the majority of us are) you need to be aware of your privacy rights and the laws that protect it here at Olender Feldman.  Invasion of your privacy can be very scary.  Unfortunately having your information out there on the internet makes it that much easier for someone to invade your privacy. Invasion is when someone unlawfully intrudes into your private affairs, or discloses private information, or uses your name for personal gain.  Since most of us have our names out there this can happen very quickly and easily, most of the time without our knowledge for a long time.