Footminder Orthotics ~ Try Them Out

I am very excited to be working with a company like Footminders who is focused on our health and comfort. Three years ago I gave birth to my first son and had that all to common “my foot grew” pregnancy symptom.  Well turns out it wasn’t a symptom that went away after delivery.   My foot didn’t actually grow it just happen that I lost my arch due to a loosening ligament from those pregnancy hormones.  Well after losing my arch I started to develop hip and back pain which results in snapping hip syndrome.  It has been a battle to find shoes with ample arch support that didn’t cost a fortune.

This is where Footminders Orthotic Insoles come in.  I could not wait to get my hands (well my feet) on these orthotic insoles.   I actually tested the Comfort style and fit them right into my sneakers as quick as I could.  There are easy to follow instructions to make sure you always have a perfect fit.  Wow!  What a difference these made.  I could definitely feel the extra support underneath my arch.  I could tell that I was walking straighter and my back and hips didn’t have as much pressure.  The insole itself is soft on the top so it’s comfortable against your foot and hard underneath to provide the support.

They provide three different styles of Orthotics to fit your daily style.  They have Casual for dress shoes (men’s and women’s), Catwalk for high heeled shoes, and Comfort for sports shoes or work boots.  What’s great is they even have orthotics for children as well.  These orthotics will definitely provide the relief you need no matter what your issue is; foot pain, back pain or knee pain.
Directly from Footminders:
Based on years of biomechanical research, Footminders orthotics were developed by podiatrists to provide longitudinal and metatarsal support and to correct posture and body biomechanics. Footminders orthotic insoles greatly reduce over-pronation, preventing foot strain and injury and providing excellent walking comfort, preventing heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. .

There are 3 models to choose from, based on the types of shoes to be worn with them:

  • Comfort: Designed for lace-up shoes,athletic footwear, work boots and hiking boots
  • Casual: Designed for men’s & women’s low-heeled slip-on shoes, including moccasins
  • Catwalk: For ladies’ fashion footwear with medium to high heels such as pumps, sandals and boots

I would definitely recommend this product and would even say to try these out before spending money on custom made orthotics.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.