Do You Need Computer Help?

Everyone experiences computer issues now and again.  

Does your PC run slow, are you in need service or PC repair, can’t get on the Internet?  I know you don’t want to be stuck with the hassle of packing it up and bringing it in to be looked at?  Then you should call Computer Help Today, New York IT Support!

Computer Help Today remote support technicians can walk you through troubleshooting steps to get connected to them.  Once connected, they can assist with virus and spyware removal, computer repair, maintenance and Microsoft and technical support. “After the job is completed, a valid credit is processed for the cost of the appointment, and an invoice is emailed to you. Your service is guaranteed for 30 days after the original incident date, and the technician will then disconnect from your computer.”  It is that simple! This is the perfect, easiest residential computer repair.  Call Computer Help Today at 888-855-1805 or go online to request additional information regarding your PC issue. Your computer will be repaired and optimized for faster performance.  Don't get stuck in line... stick with the convenience of your own home.