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Noise Control and Vibration Isolation

Need help with noise control and vibration isolation?
Isolation Technology, Inc. was formed in 1989.  The company's principals together share extensive experience and expertise in the field of noise control and vibration isolation.
Where is noise and vibration control needed?  Entertainment and sports facilities; indoor pools; religious facilities; recording and broadcasting facilities; factories; indoor shooting ranges; restaurants; offices; gymnasiums; education facilities and retail stores to name a few!
Isolation Technology is committed to providing comprehensive engineering services in order to solve all types of vibration and noise control problems. They back up their extensive engineering capabilities with outstanding sales and customer service. Isolation Technology offers the most comprehensive line of noise and vibration control products available.
In addition to the products in their catalog they have the ability to design and manufacture specialized products for noise or vi…

Grab Your FREE Museum Pass for This Saturday

This Saturday (9/29) is National Museum Day from Smithsonian Magazine.  Hurry now and grab your FREE Museum day pass that grants you and one guest FREE admission to your favorite Smithsonian Museums. 

Just type in your city or zip code to find your nearest participating museum.  

This is perfect for a nice family weekend, educational outing or day date!

ARC Systems, Inc. Businesses need to check them out

ARC Systems, Inc. manufactures electric motors for the telecommunications, food, marine and medical industries. Founded in 1967 to serve the needs of the aerospace industry, ARC Systems Inc has provides electric motors, blower motors, and spur gear head motors.The induction motors they manufacture go in many different applications such as Military, Aerospace, Oil Drilling, Medical, Elevator, Railroad, and for many other industries.  
If your company is in need of AC induction or 400 HZ motors, ARC Systems, Inc. has a unique manufacturing process, and their internal capabilities enable them to provide low cost solutions to their customers. “In-house machining capabilities enable us to grind/hone stacks to .0002" tolerances on both Outer Diameter and Inner Diameter. If the application demands, closer tolerances can be achieved. Designed with High Energy Magnetic Laminations, these components exceed the most rigid performance requirements.”
“Why should you come to ARC Systems? Simply …

Packaway Multipurpose Storage Boxes ~ Try Them Out!

I have recently been sent 2 Packaways Multipurpose Storage Boxes to try out and review. These definitely came at the right time.We are expecting our second child in a few months and have started to process of organizing, pulling stuff out of storage and finding new places for new things.The Packaways are the perfect solution.They are so easy to use and actually set up automatically.All you do is unfold them and simply press the bottom down to engage the locking tab and you have an instant storage box. The nice thing to is that there are indented lines where the folds should be and bendable corners so closing the box is a breeze, not tape needed!It is so nice not having to tear off a huge strip of tape everytime we need to open the boxes.We have been re-using them and of course I keep thinking of things I need to add to them. When they are not is use the fold up nice and thin.

Footminder Orthotics ~ Try Them Out

I am very excited to be working with a company like Footminders who is focused on our health and comfort. Three years ago I gave birth to my first son and had that all to common “my foot grew” pregnancy symptom.Well turns out it wasn’t a symptom that went away after delivery.My foot didn’t actually grow it just happen that I lost my arch due to a loosening ligament from those pregnancy hormones.Well after losing my arch I started to develop hip and back pain which results in snapping hip syndrome.It has been a battle to find shoes with ample arch support that didn’t cost a fortune.

Mommy Freebies: Baby Sling, Carseat Canopy, Nursing Cover and Breast Pads

Thanks to Destination Maternity ~ they are offering their customers a coupon code to be used at the following stores to grab your mommy freebies! Find the code and sites listed below!  This is a great deal and won't last long so hurry and grab yours now! These make great baby shower gifts as well!!

Price Matching at Wal-Mart

So I've heard and seen a lot of people taking advantage of the Ad Match Guarantee at Wal-Mart but never took it upon myself to try it out.  That was until yesterday.  WOW, did it make a difference.  I got all of our groceries for only $52.  Our last bill at Wal-Mart was around $130, so this was truly awesome!  The bill dropped so much by a combination of price matching from other stores and coupons. Find out how I did it, the deals I found and the guidelines to follow!