Industrial Metal Supply

Is your company looking for ways to cut costs?  If so, Industrial Metal Supply is the way to go.  You can reduce your secondary operation and eliminate multiple manufacturing steps with using the multiple services offered by IMS.  Their main services include laser cutting, production shearing and cutting & Band sawing.  They also serve a variety of markets including: machine shops, artists, military and even students.  As a customer you can count on incomparable accuracy and consistent quality.  What a benefit to have; reduced lead times resulting in higher profits.

IMS has many convenient locations in the southwest.  The are located in cities such as; Los Angeles, Riverside, Irvine, San Diego, Phoenix, and Tucson.  If you are unable to pick up your products IMS offers storage and delivery.  Their delivery is on a scheduled basis to reduce any material management costs.

If you would like to view their wonderful work check out the metal art gallery to see everything from jewelry to yard art made from various metal pieces.

Due to their amazing customer service IMS is the vendor of choice for all metal supply needs. Keep in mind that requests for quotes are returned promptly, and orders are processed for same day or next day delivery. Items not in inventory will be transferred immediately from another facility or brokered from one of our partners to meet the customer request.  Head over now and get your quote!