5 Easy Ways to Get FREE Baby Formula

We all know how expensive baby formula can be.  If you have decided that formula feeding is your way, here are 5 ways to score FREE baby formula. 

1. Visit and Register at the following Baby Formula Companies on-line.

Once you have registered sign up for their FREE samples and offers.  These companies also mail out coupons for future savings! You can also take this a step further and 'Like' their Facebook pages, most companies these days are offering their Facebook Fans coupons and deals!

2.  Stop by or call your local hospital or ob-gyn offices to see if they have any available samples.  I know my doctors office always has cans of FREE samples in their office.

3.  Register at the following FREE sample websites and obtain samples or FREE product coupons.  The other benefit of these sites is getting FREE samples and coupons for other products you use on a daily basis.

4. Find coupons for the formula of your choice.  You can do this many different ways.  
  • Get your Sunday paper and clip the coupons
  • Head over to coupons.com and print them
  • Find coupons on Redplum and/or Smartsource websites
  • Visit the company websites to see if they have any current OFFERS
Once you have your coupons be sure to locate the best deal or sale at your local stores, and pair your coupon with that deal.

5.  Ask friends if they have any samples they aren't going to use.  I ended up getting a ton of FREE samples by the time my first little one was born, but ended up breastfeeding.  I kept a couple cans of formula for emergencies but ended up giving them all away.

If you have found another way to score FREE Baby Formula please share!