Ways to Protect Yourself Against Debit Card Dangers

I found this great article on ways to protect yourself against all those debit card dangers we hear about.  So here it goes and remember stay vigilant and always monitor your money!

5 ways to protect yourself against debit card dangers…
  • Save receipts to check against your monthly statement.   Make sure all the charges are correct and there are no errors on the statement or any unauthorized charges.
  • Don’t use a PIN that is too obvious, like your date of birth or 1234, and change it regularly.
  • Sign up for online banking if you haven’t yet so that you can check your account often.
  • Reduce your risk of ATM “skimming”, in which a device electronically swipes your data and PIN.  Use machines at banks rather than in convenience stores, airports, gas stations, or any isolated location, which can be riskier.
  • Use your debit card to make purchases only with trusted merchants, and don’t give your card number to anyone you don’t know over the phone or by e-mail.
Source: Consumer Reports ShopSmart;)magazine, April 2012, page 16)