Companies with Blog Outreach Programs & Ways to Earn Extra Money

Your search is now over! Are you a blogger interested in working with companies to review products and sponsor giveaways?  Well I have done some research and after some long thought I have decided to release my Secret List of companies that offer blogger outreach programs or offer products specifically for product reviews.  You no longer have to search all over the internet, just search through the list below and click on the companies you are interested in.

1.  Boon Inc
2.  Wilton
3.  Carmex
4.  Boogie Wipes
5.  Giant Microbes
6.  Eco Lips

This is the first list in a series of posts.  I am currently working with some other great companies and will be posting the next list soon... so stay tuned.

Also, are you looking for a way to monetize your blog?  I have used 3 sites to earn extra income from my blog that have provided some great extra spending money!! 

Blogsvertise - I make an average of $150 per month using their posts, ads and other features.

Social Spark - I make an average of $50 per month.  The trick with Social Spark is checking your account often. The more you check in and accept leads the more you will get. Also, when you do get a deal make sure you provide quality writing!

Inbox Dollars - Earning money here all depends on your activity level.  You can earn by reading emails, printing and using coupons, shopping, playing games, taking quizzes and surveys.  There are so many ways to earn just pick what works for you.