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149 FREE Healthy Recipes

Hurry and grab your free copy of Healthy Recipes for your Nutrional Type e-book by Dr. Mercola.  There are over 100 healthy recipes to match your nutritional type!  Enjoy these free - all you need is to provide your email address so they can send you your free copy! 

Digital Marketing

Interested in digital marketing: check out this info graphic on the technological and social revolution in the Middle East. Internet Marketing in The Middle East

Companies with Blog Outreach Programs & Ways to Earn Extra Money

Your search is now over! Are you a blogger interested in working with companies to review products and sponsor giveaways?  Well I have done some research and after some long thought I have decided to release my Secret List of companies that offer blogger outreach programs or offer products specifically for product reviews.  You no longer have to search all over the internet, just search through the list below and click on the companies you are interested in.

1.  Boon Inc
2.  Wilton
3.  Carmex
4.  Boogie Wipes
5.  Giant Microbes
6.  Eco Lips

This is the first list in a series of posts.  I am currently working with some other great companies and will be posting the next list soon... so stay tuned.

Also, are you looking for a way to monetize your blog?  I have used 3 sites to earn extra income from my blog that have provided some great extra spending money!! 

Blogsvertise - I make an average of $150 per month using their posts, ads and other features.

Social Spark- I make an average of $50 per mon…

Whiten your teeth free - using only your kitchen!

Are you looking for an all natural, easy and healthy way to whiten your teeth.  Well all you have to do is mash up a few strawberries and add a teaspoon of baking soda, rub the mixture on your teeth, leave it on for approximately 5 mins and there you go... an easy all natural teeth whitener!

Organize your Small Business for FREE

Wouldn’t it be nice to organize all of your small-business accounts in one place?  Well now you can at, this program automates your small-business accounting tasks by pulling all of your accounts into one place and organizing them in a smart way.  Can’t you imagine it now; no more spreadsheets, data entry or random disorganized paper piles.  Best part about it is that it is FREE.  You only pay if you want to upgrade to the PLUS version, which includes many more great features.  You have to check this out now and see how you can simply your business needs!

Old Timer

Thanks to Darwin Barton,

My Sundays are full of watching football games during the fall.  If you've ever watched a football game with high definition - let me just be the first to tell you that you will NEVER want to watch without it again!  I played football in college as a tight end, and after I blew out my knee, I didn't think I'd ever get a chance to play the game again. Even though now that my son is old enough to throw, I am getting to teach him the basics of the game, I miss the crack of helmets as they collide with snap, the way the quarterback's face looks as he decides where to place the ball, and the grunts of the other players as the scramble for the ball.  I didn't think I would ever personally experience that again, but after I purchased high definition and was able to playback the game through EXPERT SATELLITE, it has felt like I'm a part of the play again! Even though I will never actually be on the field, last week as I watched the game, I felt …

Dairy Free

I will be coming up with a master list of positives of eliminating dairy from your diet.  I was forced to eliminate dairy due to a late allergy about a year ago.  Since then my health has been great, my skin looks good, my weight, blood pressure and cholesterol are all down.

Everyone has been asking what I'm doing or using... so far it has just been the elimination of all dairy products and my normal workouts.

Stay Tuned!