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Diaper Coupons And/or Free Samples

If you are using disposable diapers here are some links for current coupons and/or free samples.  Buying diapers can be overwhelming at times.  Stretch these coupons further by pairing them with a sale or deal at your local store.




LUVS (Scroll down in middle of page and click "join now" and your coupon will be mailed to you)

DRYPERS (Scroll down and click on Free Sample)


Holiday Thrift Shopping - Check Out These Prices!

Love Thrift has some perfect gift ideas for this holiday season... here are a few to get your started!

A brand new Houdini Lever Corkscrew (Foil Cutter and Spare Spiral Included).  For only $12!!
20 Golden Books... all the old classics! 
20 Mixed Classic Comic Books!
Super Retro Sonic Record Player.  Works great... gather all your friends and impress with this awesome record player!  Bet you the kids have never seen one before!

Own a Small Business - Here is your 1099K Tax Help

If you are a small business owner you may know how confusing the 1099K tax form can be.  Well if you had any questions regarding this form... check out the answers below.

Easy Safe "Wood Working" Activity for Kids - Hammer and Nails

My son just loves to work with his tools.  He goes around the house "hammering" and "sawing" trying to fix all the "broken" items.  Well I came across an idea of how to make hammering nails more exciting for him.  With this activity he feels like he is doing it just like daddy and gets him all excited.  This activity really helps with hand eye coordination and helps kids feel like they've accomplished a real task.  You've got to try this today!

This activity is safe, cheap and so much fun.

All you need is:
1 block of styrofoam
1 bag of golf tees
A plastic child size hammer
(I also bought styrofoam balls he could nail to the block)

FREE - Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy

Click now to grab your FREE sample of Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy.  Don't forget to check All You for your daily Freebie!

Privacy Laws - Know your Rights

Do you have any of your personal information out there on the internet? Are you concerned about your privacy?  Do you own a blog or a website, participate on Facebook and Twitter or use your credit card to buy products online?  If you do (which I'm sure the majority of us are) you need to be aware of your privacy rights and the laws that protect it here at Olender Feldman.  Invasion of your privacy can be very scary.  Unfortunately having your information out there on the internet makes it that much easier for someone to invade your privacy. Invasion is when someone unlawfully intrudes into your private affairs, or discloses private information, or uses your name for personal gain.  Since most of us have our names out there this can happen very quickly and easily, most of the time without our knowledge for a long time.  

Noise Control and Vibration Isolation

Need help with noise control and vibration isolation?
Isolation Technology, Inc. was formed in 1989.  The company's principals together share extensive experience and expertise in the field of noise control and vibration isolation.
Where is noise and vibration control needed?  Entertainment and sports facilities; indoor pools; religious facilities; recording and broadcasting facilities; factories; indoor shooting ranges; restaurants; offices; gymnasiums; education facilities and retail stores to name a few!
Isolation Technology is committed to providing comprehensive engineering services in order to solve all types of vibration and noise control problems. They back up their extensive engineering capabilities with outstanding sales and customer service. Isolation Technology offers the most comprehensive line of noise and vibration control products available.
In addition to the products in their catalog they have the ability to design and manufacture specialized products for noise or vi…

Grab Your FREE Museum Pass for This Saturday

This Saturday (9/29) is National Museum Day from Smithsonian Magazine.  Hurry now and grab your FREE Museum day pass that grants you and one guest FREE admission to your favorite Smithsonian Museums. 

Just type in your city or zip code to find your nearest participating museum.  

This is perfect for a nice family weekend, educational outing or day date!

ARC Systems, Inc. Businesses need to check them out

ARC Systems, Inc. manufactures electric motors for the telecommunications, food, marine and medical industries. Founded in 1967 to serve the needs of the aerospace industry, ARC Systems Inc has provides electric motors, blower motors, and spur gear head motors.The induction motors they manufacture go in many different applications such as Military, Aerospace, Oil Drilling, Medical, Elevator, Railroad, and for many other industries.  
If your company is in need of AC induction or 400 HZ motors, ARC Systems, Inc. has a unique manufacturing process, and their internal capabilities enable them to provide low cost solutions to their customers. “In-house machining capabilities enable us to grind/hone stacks to .0002" tolerances on both Outer Diameter and Inner Diameter. If the application demands, closer tolerances can be achieved. Designed with High Energy Magnetic Laminations, these components exceed the most rigid performance requirements.”
“Why should you come to ARC Systems? Simply …

Packaway Multipurpose Storage Boxes ~ Try Them Out!

I have recently been sent 2 Packaways Multipurpose Storage Boxes to try out and review. These definitely came at the right time.We are expecting our second child in a few months and have started to process of organizing, pulling stuff out of storage and finding new places for new things.The Packaways are the perfect solution.They are so easy to use and actually set up automatically.All you do is unfold them and simply press the bottom down to engage the locking tab and you have an instant storage box. The nice thing to is that there are indented lines where the folds should be and bendable corners so closing the box is a breeze, not tape needed!It is so nice not having to tear off a huge strip of tape everytime we need to open the boxes.We have been re-using them and of course I keep thinking of things I need to add to them. When they are not is use the fold up nice and thin.

Footminder Orthotics ~ Try Them Out

I am very excited to be working with a company like Footminders who is focused on our health and comfort. Three years ago I gave birth to my first son and had that all to common “my foot grew” pregnancy symptom.Well turns out it wasn’t a symptom that went away after delivery.My foot didn’t actually grow it just happen that I lost my arch due to a loosening ligament from those pregnancy hormones.Well after losing my arch I started to develop hip and back pain which results in snapping hip syndrome.It has been a battle to find shoes with ample arch support that didn’t cost a fortune.

Mommy Freebies: Baby Sling, Carseat Canopy, Nursing Cover and Breast Pads

Thanks to Destination Maternity ~ they are offering their customers a coupon code to be used at the following stores to grab your mommy freebies! Find the code and sites listed below!  This is a great deal and won't last long so hurry and grab yours now! These make great baby shower gifts as well!!

Price Matching at Wal-Mart

So I've heard and seen a lot of people taking advantage of the Ad Match Guarantee at Wal-Mart but never took it upon myself to try it out.  That was until yesterday.  WOW, did it make a difference.  I got all of our groceries for only $52.  Our last bill at Wal-Mart was around $130, so this was truly awesome!  The bill dropped so much by a combination of price matching from other stores and coupons. Find out how I did it, the deals I found and the guidelines to follow!

Recycling 101 - Get to Know the Facts

Have you ever wondered what items can really be recycled and what happens to those items once they make it to the recycling facility?  There are many benefits to recycling mainly it reduces; energy use, resource use (wood, metal, etc), water use, pollutants and emissions.  Recycling also reduces waste stream to landfills.  Below you will find what products are recyclable, even a breakdown of each number plastic. When thinking about recycling remember these four R's:

Saving Money: Make Homemade Pancakes and Freeze Them

Due to the popularity of my recent post: Saving Money: Make Homemade Garlic Bread and Freeze it, I have decided to start sharing my other homemade recipes and ways you can save money on your grocery bill and your health.  Buying frozen foods like pancakes and waffles is a waste of money, you are simply paying for convenience and something that has added preservatives.  Some may argue that making your own pancakes and waffles take to much 'time' and that frozen products take away the daily hassle of cooking for those with busy mornings.  Well I'm here to tell you that making homemade pancakes takes no time at all and in one morning you can prepare a huge batch, freeze them and create your own frozen pancakes you can quickly grab out of the freezer any day of the week, just like the store bought ones.  By doing so you will know what your family is eating, control what goes into them and you will reduce waste by not constantly purchasing those cardboard boxes!  Also, if you h…

Jobs for Bloggers

If you are a successful blogger, writer or author looking for work, check out our new job search box.  This job search is specifically targeted to those of you looking for blogging and writing jobs or jobs in the social media field.  Go ahead and do a quick search and see what you come up with.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the amount of jobs out there for those of us with blogging and social media experience!  The new job board is located on the right hand side of this page and is brought to you by Indeed.

Getting Your Small Business Credit

Are you a small business owner looking to expand and grow? One of the best ways to help expand your business is to hold your own line of small business credit.  Building your own line of business credit will allow you to easily make the purchases you need to help maintain and run a successful business.  Another big benefit of holding your own line of business credit is that it can save you from the disasters of using cash, travelers’ checks or using your personal credit.  Using these other types of payments can cause you a major headache when it comes to balancing your finances, tracking your purchases and of course your precious time.  If you have staff members that do your purchasing it will allow them the freedom to do so without the need to constantly ask for cash or your personal card.  Other great benefits of a business credit card are reduced paperwork and time spent reconciling accounts.  Unlike cash, you will need to make sure balances are paid on time to prevent unneeded lat…

FREEBIES on Friday! Free Amazon credit, adult only sample and much more!

Check out this weeks great FREEBIES!

Do you have a Twitter account,  if so you can score a free $1.29 Amazon MP3 Credit! All you have to do is follow Pepsi on Twitter, and post a tweet that includes this text: #PepsiMusicNOW and they will direct message you a code for you to redeem your credit on Amazon.

Grab a free sample of Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Nourishing Shampoo and conditioner. When you get there 'Like' them and click the 'Free for VIP' tab.

Head here to download a free copy of Great Taste, Healthy Living - The Slow Cooker Edition!

Adults Only!!  Interested in A Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Condom Sample?  All you have to do is - for men share how you show your sensitive side and for ladies share what you love about your sensitive man. They'll send you free Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive condom samples. Leave a response on their Facebook post and then message them your shipping details to get your free samples.

Grab a free sample of Eucerin Daily Protecti…

$50 NFL Shop Gift Card

To help you celebrate the opening to FootBall Season Tips 4 Saving and Love Thrift are giving away one $50 gift card to NFL Shop.

FREE Product Coupon Giveaway

End of Summer Giveaway.  Tips 4 Saving is giving away 2 FREE Product Coupons with two 55 cent off Coupons for any Rice Dream, Almond Dream or Soy Dream Frozen Dessert Product... YUMM!

Haircut Coupon-a-thon Hurry Deal Ends 9/30

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Regis Family of Brands. All opinions are 100% mine.It is definitely that time of year again; can’t you smell it in the air?  You guessed it; it’s Back to School time.  I bet you have already done all your new clothes shopping and bought all the kids supplies.  Why not finish off their new look with a brand new haircut and style.  Most kids love experimenting with their hair and switching up their look.  New and updated styles can boost your child’s confidence and make them feel really good about themselves on the first day of school.  Even if your child doesn’t want to experiment with something new, why not clean up their current do.  Now is the perfect time to do so because it is Haircut Coupon-a-thon time.  Right now you can grab the perfect coupon for $7.99 or $9.99 haircuts (coupons valid though 9/30/12).  This is such a great deal.Trouble printing the coupon? Email with the salon brand you'd like …

Carmex Prize Pack Winner Announcement

Thank you to all those who entered the Carmex Prize Pack Giveaway and the winner is...

Saving Money: Make Homemade Garlic Bread and Freeze It

There are so many different ways to save money on your grocery bill. Most of them include making homemade foods you would usually buy at the store in a box.  If you are spending money on pre made garlic breads you are really throwing away your extra dollars on convenience.  Here is a very easy, quick homemade garlic bread recipe I use for my family.  I came up with this because I was tired of spending so much money on a package of 6 garlic bread pieces. I can use a whole loaf of bread and have garlic bread stored in the freezer for multiple meals. Also, I actually have a dairy allergy and cannot even eat the the store bought garlic breads anymore.  So here is my families delicious garlic bread recipe.

1 cup butter (if you have a dairy allergy be sure to use a dairy/lactose free butter).
5 cloves of garlic (minced)
a couple shakes of garlic salt
1 loaf of Italian or French bread
Cooking spray

baking pan
parchment paper
plastic zip bags

Step 1:
Mince your …

5 Easy Ways to Get FREE Baby Formula

We all know how expensive baby formula can be.  If you have decided that formula feeding is your way, here are 5 ways to score FREE baby formula. 

1. Visit and Register at the following Baby Formula Companies on-line.

SimilacEnfamilGerberSimply RightParents ChoiceOnce you have registered sign up for their FREE samples and offers.  These companies also mail out coupons for future savings! You can also take this a step further and 'Like' their Facebook pages, most companies these days are offering their Facebook Fans coupons and deals!
2.  Stop by or call your local hospital or ob-gyn offices to see if they have any available samples.  I know my doctors office always has cans of FREE samples in their office.
3.  Register at the following FREE sample websites and obtain samples or FREE product coupons.  The other benefit of these sites is getting FREE samples and coupons for other products you use on a daily basis. TargetWalmartVocalpointP&G BrandSampler
4. Find coupons for the for…

Back-to-School Shoe Deal and Coupon!

This post brought to you by Famous Footwear. All opinions are 100% mine.Everyone knows it’s that time of year again back-to-school!  For many of our kids that means its shopping time, especially for new shoes (my kids grow out of shoes so fast it’s ridiculous).   I’ve have come across the perfect shoe shopping scenario.  Can you image finding the whole families shoes in less than 20 minutes (in all the latest styles) for an unbeatable price.  Well you can find all of that right now at Famous Footwear.  They have an amazing Back-to-School promotion going on right now that you do not want to miss. The promotion is: PRINT YOUR COUPON NOW and redeem in-store between 8/2-8/18!!BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon15% off (20% off if the customer is a rewards member or signs up to become a Rewards member) + BOGO (Buy One, Get One Half Off)Now to make this deal the sweetest it can be, you need to sign up for their Rewards Program.  The Rewards program is completely FREE and you can get some…

Carmex Prize Pack Giveaway

There is one product that you will find in my house, purse and car in abundance: Lip Balms.  I am not a lipstick wearer, I rather have a great lip balm that helps smooth and protect my lips.  That is why I love the Carmex lip balm line so much.  They offer a wide variety of products and they all work wonders. I recently had the opportunity to review their latest lip balm... Pomegranate Ultra Smooth.  First of all it smelled great!  The Pomegranate Ultra Smooth also offers SPF 15 protection, is water resistant (up to 80 mins) and has 9 different moisturizers.  
Carmex lip products are my obsession and that is why I enjoy blogging about their products.  
**WIN IT** Now here is your chance to WIN your very own summer Carmex Prize Pack (pictured above).  Just fill out the easy Rafflecopter below to enter!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FREE Kids Events This Weekend

Lowe's Build & Grow: has a great FREE kids workshop this weekend.  Not only does your child get to create their own wooden project, they get a FREE apron, goggles, patch and more.  Enter your zip code to see the closet workshop to you. 

Disney Store: Visit your local Disney Store for their summer play days every day from July 23- August 26. If you attend 4 events you will receive a special gift. This is for kids 3 years and up. 

Not this weekend but offered the 1st Saturday of each month!

Home Depot: FREE hands-on workshops designed for children ages 5 - 12 offered the 1st Saturday of every month at all The Home Depot stores between 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Workshops teach children do-it-yourself skills, tool safety and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment.  All kids get to keep their craft and receive a FREE Kids Workshop Apron, commemorative 
pin and certificate of achievement.

Industrial Metal Supply

Is your company looking for ways to cut costs?If so, Industrial Metal Supply is the way to go.You can reduce your secondary operation and eliminate multiple manufacturing steps with using the multiple services offered by IMS.Their main services include laser cutting, production shearing and cutting & Band sawing.They also serve a variety of markets including: machine shops, artists, military and even students.As a customer you can count on incomparable accuracy and consistent quality.What a benefit to have; reduced lead times resulting in higher profits.
IMS has many convenient locations in the southwest.The are located in cities such as; Los Angeles, Riverside, Irvine, San Diego, Phoenix, and Tucson.If you are unable to pick up your products IMS offers storage and delivery.Their delivery is on a scheduled basis to reduce any material management costs.
If you would like to view their wonderful work check out the metal art gallery to see everything from jewelry to yard art made from…

Bumbo Seat Cover Giveaway

Welcome to the Tips 4 Saving August Giveaway.  Here is your chance to win a Bumbo Seat Cover.  Four easy ways to enter... winner will be chosen in 2 weeks.  Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do You Love Thrift?

Thrift store shopping is a great way to save your family money.  If you've never been to a thrift store you may be surprised at the unique items you can find.  This is a great inexpensive way to help decorate your home, clothe your family and/or find items you want to resell yourself.

I have come across a new online thrift store called Love Thrift that has hundreds of unique items for the whole family.  What I like about Love Thrift is that you can do all your thrift store shopping on-line and a portion of the proceeds go to a different charity each month.  This is a win-win shopping trip!  

This month if you LIKE Love Thrift on Facebook you will be entered to win a FREE pair of shades!

FREE My Coke Reward Codes ~ 36pts

Are you a Coke Rewardsmember? Entering the points you get from buying Coca-Cola products can earn you more free Coke products, prizes, instant win games and sweep take entries. There are two new Coke Rewards points codes circulating that anyone can use!  These codes will get you 10 points each 10096122897198
10096071476917 And, use the one-time Olympic-themed Coke code "worldrecord" for another 10 points. Also you can try these 3 point codes as well: VL4N7VBFL7PF6H VBLPJWTX7B9BTT There is a limit on how many codes you can enter each week.  So if you reach your max for the week hold on to those codes for next week!

FREE Breast Pads for Breastfeeding Week!

Free Breast Pads at!Use Promo Code "BREASTFEEDING2012" at TODAY! It's as easy as 1-2-3!Go to on "Shop Now" and select the breast pads or any nursing cover you like.Once you have made your selection, you'll automatically be directed to the shopping bag. Enter the promo code "BREASTFEEDING2012" and we will deduct 100% off the cost of the cover - all you pay is the shipping fees!Remember: the promo code is "BREASTFEEDING2012" and you can use it more than once - just open a new browser window each time you do.

The Golden Gate Bridge was made with Hex Cap Screws and how many stainless bolts?

Can you believe that on May 27 the Golden Gate Bridge will turn 75. For years the bridge has been an iconic image of the Bay Area, were many visitors flock to see its beauty. Did you know that  when it was proposed in 1916 it met fierce resistance from a a variety of sources including the Department of War, the Southern Pacific Railroad and ferry union workers. Luckily, six counties decided to foot the $35 million cost, an astronomical sum during the Great Depression, to build the world's longest suspension bridge at the time.Hex Cap Screws are high strength fasteners for bridge, highway, power water treatments and marine construction.  There were approximately 600,000 bolts used in each tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Like our many other components, such as hex head structural bolts, anchor bolts and hex coupling nuts, hex cap screws are made of the highest quality materials including stainless steel and zinc. In addition to high stress endurance and high strength, by their ver…

Ways to Protect Yourself Against Debit Card Dangers

I found this great article on ways to protect yourself against all those debit card dangers we hear about.  So here it goes and remember stay vigilant and always monitor your money!

5 ways to protect yourself against debit card dangers… Save receipts to check against your monthly statement.Make sure all the charges are correct and there are no errors on the statement or any unauthorized charges.Don’t use a PIN that is too obvious, like your date of birth or 1234, and change it regularly.Sign up for online banking if you haven’t yet so that you can check your account often.Reduce your risk of ATM “skimming”, in which a device electronically swipes your data and PIN.Use machines at banks rather than in convenience stores, airports, gas stations, or any isolated location, which can be riskier.Use your debit card to make purchases only with trusted merchants, and don’t give your card number to anyone you don’t know over the phone or by e-mail.Source: Consumer Reports ShopSmart;)magazine, Ap…