Metal For Your Upcoming Projects

Do you have a lot of upcoming projects that require metal?  If you are a metal user you need to check out the Industrial Metal Supply Company (IMS), a full line metal distributor.  They have been servicing metal users since 1948.  You will be amazed at the inventory, production capabilities and personal and responsive customer service offered by IMS.  Their wide varieties of products include metals in all different shapes, alloys and sizes. Best of all they will create your perfect piece before you come pick it up.  They can do this with their laser cutting, production shearing and cutting and Band Sawing.
Beyond their amazing products and services they offer exceptional customer service.  It’s always refreshing working with a company who cares about their customers and IMS is one of those companies.  Along with their personal service the offer; next day delivery, same day pick up, no minimum purchase, credit lines with good terms, a knowledgeable staff and so much more.  Join a community that shares the passion of working with metals from machine shops, military, students and artists.  IMS is a part of so many different markets.  Go visit now… you won’t want to leave!  You will be able to find everything you need for all your projects.  They have four convienent locations in California and one in Arizona; Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Orange County, Sand Diego and Phoenix.  Go get your quote now!