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High Performance Seals

As part of our money saving strategies for the winter we have been checking for leaky sinks.  We discovered we did have one sink that was leaking, a very slow constant drip.  After turning the water off and taking the sink head apart we discovered it only needed a new rubber O-ring.  Parco specializes in high-performance seals and is the industry lead in the development of proprietary rubber compounds and bonding techniques. Parco was actually the first manufacturer to specialize in O-rings and is still their primary product.  Parco is a very hands on company selling to many Fortune 500 companies.  They make their own molds, mix their own rubber and mold their parts in computer-controlled presses. They cater to six major industries; oil field machinery, military & aerospace, water filtration, motor vehicles, farm & construction and fuel-dispensing.

Here are some of the most popular Parco products.  In the oil field machinery their most popular product is the 0419-90 Black Nitrile (90-durometer nitrile; sulfur-cured; high pressure and oil resistant). The military & aerospace industries most popular Parco products is part number 1933-70, a blue fluorosilicone (70-durometer flurosilicone; high temperature and compression set resistant; AMS R 25988 and MIL R 25988 compliant).  Water filtration’s most popular product is compound 5323-70 black EPDM (70-durometer ethylene propylene; peroxide-cured; NSF-61 listed).  The most popular motor vehicle seal is compound 4456-70 black nitrile (70-durometer nitrile; oil resistant; plastic compatible).  In the farming industry compound 4467-70 black nitrile (70-durometer nitrile; internal lubricated; low temperature and fuel resistant) is most popular.  And in the fuel-dispensing industry compound 2295-70 black nitrile (70-durometer nitrile; fuel and alcohol resistant; UL-listed) is the most popular.  If you are looking for high quality products or high performance seals with high performance applications check out Parco today.