Dilemmas with Search Engine Optimization

Do you know if your website is ranked and if so how high?  What measures have you taken to obtain a higher page rank or to ensure your site is at the top of a search?  Most website owners have either thrown the idea around or have attempted some type of search engine optimization (SEO).  Those who have tried to undertake their own search engine optimization know that it is not easy, difficult to configure and problems can arise at any time.   The first problem with search engine optimization is the cost.  If you are unable to figure out your own search engine optimization or you simply don’t have the time it can be very costly to have another company do it for you.  It can be very difficult to determine who or what company to use, and to be sure they are legit and/or successful at what they do.
Another problem website owners run into when trying to perform their own local search engine optimization is what to do with their keywords.  It can be difficult to determine where to add keywords, should they be used as anchors or as tags? Most website owners don’t realize that keywords should be used in the title.  The other issue with keywords is that you have the potential to add too many.  Usually it only takes about 2-3 keywords per page to be successful.  Don’t go overboard by adding 10-20 links on one page or by using keywords that are too long or that don’t match your content.
If you reach the point of understanding and performing your own search engine optimization you still might run into a problem; competition.  There are hundreds of thousands of other website owners trying to do exactly what you are doing. They might be paying professionals to run a daily or weekly SEO for them. They might have a whole team of people working on these issues every day.  What are you going to do to improve your ranks and search engine optimization? Whose site will win the top of the ranks?  How can you beat out the competition? Follow these search engine optimization links to improve your site today!