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Tips 4: Making Handmade Ornaments with the Kids

I remember making handmade ornaments every year with my family, it has been a special tradition that still sticks with me today. Every year we would create a different kind of ornament and put our names and the year on them.  We all have an ornament from every year since we were born.  I love to see all the different creations on the tree and I have now started this great tradition with my son.

There are sooo many ways you can create handmade ornaments with your kids.  Here is a picture of some of my previous ornaments (the backs without my name and date on them) and how we made them.

The purple Christmas light is made out of foam.  We cut out the shape and on the other side I wrote my name and the year.  The middle one is actually a nipple to represent a reindeer's face.  We glued the eyes (which are missing) and the bow and again wrote my name and year.  The green Christmas tree is actually made out of  Play Clay, a recipe you can find from Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. We made the …

Discount Office Supplies

Do you have a company that is in need of office supplies? Are you looking for ways to cut back on costs? Well, I have found the perfect solution to both of these questions. OM Enterprise Inc. has a diverse selection of discount office supplies including printer and toner cartridges.Most companies are wasting valuable money on regular priced office supplies, you don't want to be one of them.The best solution to save your company money is to start ordering discount office supplies from OM Enterprise Inc.What is great about the discount products is that they are brand named products, most notably HP ink and toner cartridges as well as Xerox toners.When you order your discount office supplies you will also be provided with a high level of support with their amazing IT Services.

That Advertising Agency - Help Promote Your Business

I have recently come across a great Advertising Agency, That Advertising Agency.They have one mission: to ensure that the client is happy.When looking for a great advertising agency you want to know that they care about their clients’ needs, not just themselves.That is exactly what That Advertising Agency focuses on… You!
They are not a typical advertising agency; they are all digital and want to bring all their clients into the 21st Century.We all know that television, radio and print forms of advertising are phasing out.We know this because you can now do almost everything on the internet; watch t.v. shows, listen to radio stations and read almost every newspaper out there.That Advertising Agency understands this growing trend and is all about creating a mixed media marketing experience by combing old and new media. They offer many different services that they can tailor to your needs.The services they offer include; public relations, event promotions, search engine optimization, med…

The Slice Safety Cutter Review

I am so happy that I have had the chance to review The Slice Saftey Cutter, it has turned out to be one of my favorite little devices.I have used the Slice Saftey Cutter for sooo many things already, it is great. The Slice features a finger-friendly microscopic ceramic blade that's quick, easy and a safe substitute for scissors or traditional safety knives.The Slice Safety Cutter - is great for couponers, you can easily cut the coupons you need without the hassle of using scissors and without the mess. Also, it is the perfect size to carry in your purse so you can clip coupons right in the store, or add it directly to your keychain.

The Slice Saftey Cutter also works great with wrapping paper. It is that time of year again where you will be wrapping a ton of gifts.What I hate most about using scissors is that I can never get a clean cut.Well, with The Slice Saftely Cutter I also get a clean edge, and my wrapping looks amazing!

Here are some additional features of The Slice Safety Cu…

We Have Winners!

I would like to announce the 2 newest winners at Tips 4 Saving. 

Congratulations to comment 39 Barbara the winner of the EcoLips Giveaway


Congratulations to comment 172 Valerie the winner of the Carmex Prize Pack

Both winners have been emailed and will have 48 hrs to respond.  Thank you to all that entered and to EcoLips and Carmex for providing 2 great giveaways!

First Response Coupon (Any Product)

FREE clothes at Sears Outlet every Tuesday!

Did you hear this amazing announcement by Sears Outlet, "In case you missed our big announcement last night, we’re having free apparel Tuesdays starting today and going through the rest of the year! All you have to do is be a Shop Your Way Rewards Member with a valid email address. It’s completely free and available for sign up in store. And as always any friend of yours is a friend of ours, so don’t forget to share this"

Apparently there is no maximum.  All you have to do is sing up as a Shop Your Way Rewards Member and go shopping on Tuesdays and grab your free clothes!  This deal will not work with outwear or Levi's Brand.  How amazing is this?  Unfortunately there are not many Sears Outlet stores that sell apparel.

Click here to see if there is a Sears Outlet by you that carries apparel now!

Calgary Apartments ~ Find your new home now!

Calgary Apartments is the best way to find your home online, if you are looking to move to Canada.Canada is such a beautiful country and there are so many different places to live.On Calgary Apartments home locator you will find 16 different areas to browse through.You will be able to view pictures, descriptions and prices of homes and apartments.When we were looking for our latest home, we found it much easier to be able to see pictures online of the places we were interested in.This way we were able to dwindle down our choices to the most popular ones we liked and just visited those.It saved us a lot of time and travel expenses.You can use this site to view all the information from the comfort of your own home and make decisions before you travel.
It’s always a good idea to check out everything that is important to you in a new town.Check out the neighborhoods, school districts and employment opportunities.You never know what you will find until you try it!I know we are looking to mo…

UGLee Pen Review and Giveaway

Have you heard of an UGLee Pen?

The UGLee Pen is the world’s most comfortable, ergonomic, doctor recommended pen.The UGLee pen (Ultimate Grip Pen) was inspired and created by Dr. James Lee.You might be asking yourself what is so special about the UGLee Pen. Well let me tell you, the UGLee Pen only weighs 11 grams, which means less inertia and more comfort.The pen is mated with the smoothest ink system known, smoother than those other roller balls, gel and fountain inks.Best of all the UGLee Pen has a full size comfort grip, which is perfectly engineered to follow the anatomy of your hand. The UGLee pen is great for everyone including those who suffer from hand pain, children learning to write, those who suffer from hand cramps and those who write a lot.

I was really excited to use the UGLee pen because I usually get a sore on my finger when I write from pressing to hard. I first noticed the full size comfort grip, it felt squishy and really did feel very comfortable.Next I noticed how …

Our Potty Training Success Story

My son will be turning 3 very soon and I am happy to say he is officially potty trained.It took a lot of patience, understanding and creativity.These are the steps we took to successfully potty train my son.

1.      We introduced the potty early to get him comfortable with it (around 14 months).Before bath time we would let him inspect his potty, sit on it and we talked about what happens on the potty. We noticed him peeing in the bathtub during bath time.So when he would pee in the bathtub we would make a “big” deal about going pee-pee and talked about how we need to put our pee-pee in the potty. This turned into him sitting on the potty to go pee every time before we took a bath.

Eco Lips Review and Giveaway

Winter is almost here and that means more dry cracked lips.One thing I hate the most about cold weather is the affect it has on my lips. If I don’t wear any lip balm my lips get very dry and irritated, which causes me to lick them. Once you start licking dry lips it just gets worse. So it’s always important for me and my family to have lip balm close by, not just for the winter but all year round.Eco Lips has been kind enough to send me some lip balm samples to try and they are absolutely great. Eco Lips has so many different kinds of lip balms and moisturizes to choose from, the whole family was taken care of.
What I like about Eco Lips is that their products are organic and very environmentally friendly, which is very important to my family.Also, one of the lip balms I received, Renew ~ Rejuvenating Lip Balm, contains Fair Trade Certified Cocoa Butter.It states, “By choosing this Fair Trade Certified product you are directly supporting a better life for farming families through fair …

FREE TRESemme Hair Care Samples

We Have a Winner!

Winner Announcement!

Congratulations to Donna for winning the Well Being Prize Pack.  The winner has been notified by email.

Thank you to everyone who entered for your support!  If you didn't win this time... check out my current Carmex Giveaway!

Carmex Healing Lotion and Cream Review & Giveaway

It is that time of year again – cold weather and dry irritated skin.I absolutely hate how dry my skin gets when the weather drops.My hands especially start to get really irritated and sometimes start to hurt a little after washing.I have tried all different kinds of lotions and haven’t really found one that helps all aspects of my dry skin. I am happy to say now that I have found just the right moisturizer. As part of the Carmex Blog Squad I was just sent an amazing box full of Carmex Healing Lotion and Carmex Healing Cream to review.The lotions came in a beautiful yellow mesh drawstring bag and included a full size and travel size bottle of each. I am such a huge Carmex fan and couldn’t wait to try both of these new products. 

You are probably asking yourself why Carmexwould send a box of lotions… right? Well after 75 years of providing the best healing lip balms, Carmex has expanded their line and is now offering great skin care products.Imagine how great your dry irritated lips feel…

Hurry Now: 50% Off Subway Gift Card

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Antoinette Designs ~ Custom Designed Jewelry

Are you looking for beautiful unique custom designed jewelry?  You can find amazing pieces at Antoinette Designs by Toni.  Toni uses sterling silver, semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals in her pieces.  If you are looking for something new and unique you have to check out her store!

*Flash* 200 FREE Disney Movie Reward Points

This is a Flash Disney Movie Reward Codes post.  This post will be up between 1:30-2:30pm EST. Here you will find 2 separate codes worth a total of 200 points from eligible titles.