Fitness 360 Review and Giveaway

I have been trying my hardest to fit exercise into my daily routine, but since my son was born a few years back I have really struggled to either fit my workouts in or simply stick with them.  When I do find time to workout I usually get bored quickly and then I can easily talk myself out of keeping up with it.  Well I can tell you I have found the cure with Holly Perkins new Fitness 360 routine.  This product leaves no room for excuses and is so amazing it has me motivated, losing weight, toned and focused!

Holly Perkins, a New Balance ambassador, is a trainer for Exercise TV.  Her new Fitness 360 workout program consists of 3 different full length routines; 20 Minute Cardio, 20 Minute Strength and 10 Minute Yoga.  What I love most about these routines is that they are only 20 minutes and I can easily fit them in my schedule everyday.  Not only can I fit them into my schedule, there is a variety of routines which keeps me from getting bored and losing interest.  Holly also provides a free 30 day workout plan with nutrition tips and recipes just click on the link and download it today.  Each day you are doing a new workout, it is so great.

Since I've been using Fitness 360 I have noticed weight loss, but more noticeably I have noticed how much more toned my arms, legs and stomach are.  Holly shows you how to tone each part of your arm, shoulder chest and back, I never knew there were so many different ways to lift weights! This program has also helped with my confidence and metal health.  When my son was born via cesarean section I got a really bad infection that left half of my stomach disfigured.  It though it was going to look like that for the rest of my life, and my doctor told me that only plastic surgery would fix it.  Well thanks to Fitness 360 and Holly's nutrition tips my stomach is looking better than ever!! I'm comfortable again in my own skin and I actually feel sexy again. I feel great, I look great and it's all thanks to Fitness 360 and Holly Perkins.

Holly cares so much about what she does that she is actively reaching out to her fans on facebook with extra tips, information and motivation.  She posts to facebook regularly and it's so nice to keep up with her and her amazing free tips.  She lately shared what her top five foods to stay fit were, do you eat kale?

If you'd like to try Holly Perkins Fitness 360 Workout Routine you can either buy the DVD or Download it to your computer here.  You can watch sample clips here.

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Or thanks to Holly Perkins 2 lucky Tips for Savings winners will win their very own copy of Fitness 360. One Grand Prize Winner will receive a copy of Fitness 360 and a pair of New Balance Socks. The second prize winner will win a copy of Fitness 360.  Please enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below. Thank You Holly!