Sick of Junk Mail? Makeover your Mailbox Now!

Are you sick of all that unnecessary junk mail in your mailbox?  Junk mail is just that JUNK, it's usually not read, takes up space on your contour and is usually thrown out!  Thanks to The Organizing Cheerleader I now have some new insight to my junk mail and a new realization that something needs to be done about it. I can stop wasting my time on junk.  I learned some staggering stats about junk mail and discovered a website that you can easily opt-out of all your junk mail, or just certain items you don't want to receive anymore.

Did you know that It takes 17 trees to make a ton of paper, Americans spend over $275 million to dispose of junk mail each year, Americans spend 8 months of their lives sifting through junk mail and the average adult is on 50 mailing lists! Phew that's a lot of Junk and wasted resources.

Take 5 minutes out of your day to give your mailbox a makeover by clicking here to opt-out of unwanted pre-approval credit card, catalogue, magazines and much more.