Saving Money on Your Water Bill

Thanks to a local Illinois county website there are many tips on how to save money on your water bill, conserve energy and protect our water supply. 

Did you know by conserving water, you can:
  • Help protect our water supply for the future
  • Protect the environment and natural ecosystems
  • Save energy
  • Save money
You can help achieve a 10% reduction in water use per person within 10 years by saving 10 gallons of water per day, or start by saving 1 gallon of water per day, every year for 10 years. Examples:  
  • Turn off water while brushing teeth ~ 2 gallons/minute
  • Reduce shower time ~ 2.5 gallons/minute
  • Use a rain barrel to cut down your water bill and do something good for the environment.
  • Limit lawn watering. Check with your local municipality to find out about the watering restrictions in your area. 
  • Avoid over-fertilizing your lawn.
Check out these links for east to follow brochures on how to detect leaks and how to fix them.  And for useful tips on how to save money on your water bill.

How to detect a toilet leak and how to fix it Here
Indoor water use conservation tips
Lawncare water use tips

We have gone through our house and discovered two leaky sinks.  They were very easy to fix. All we needed was a new washer on our bathroom sink (~$1) and we needed to tighten one part on our kitchen sink.  We have reduced our shower times.  We only run the dishwasher if it is full and if we are hand washing we fill the sink with soapy water and don't let the water run constantly.  I would love to buy new energy efficient appliances, but that's not possible yet.  But all of these small changes will start to add up. 

What does your family do to conserve water?
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