Avoid Maintenance Fees

If you haven't heard yet, most banks are switching from free checking accounts and charging maintenance fees now.  Not only are they charging more in maintenance fees some banks are going to start charging for atm use.  I recommend looking over your banks policy and fees and see if you are paying more than you should. 

If you are being charged high maintenance fees because you don't meet the requirements try switching to a bank that still offers free checking like US Bank or PNC.

The following banks are charging maintenance fees unless you qualify for a waiver: (requirements vary by bank and state, but usually include a monthly balance, and/or direct deposits, or qualifying purchases each month)

Chase  Monthly Fee $12
Bank of America  Monthly Fee $8.95
Harris Bank  Monthly Fee $7
TFC Monthly Fee $9.95
Wells Fargo Monthly Fee $5.00
Citi Bank Monthly Fee $8.00

Make sure you check your statements every month!  Switch to paperless statements to help the environment.  And look into Online Bill Pay to save even more!