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Making Your Own Non-Slip Socks

Making your own non-slip socks can be cost effective and fun. Here is what you need:

Find a bag of socks (in your child's size)... try to find a bulk bag on sale or clearance.
Purchase a bottle of nontoxic puffy paint.

Now you are ready to create your own non-slip socks with grips.  Wash all the socks in the bag, dry them, and then paint any design, name, or graphic you want on the bottom of the socks.  Allow the paint to dry a voila, your own fun, creative, inexpensive grippie socks!

Make sure you follow the directions on the puffy paint bottles carefully to prevent peeling.

This can be a great family craft... you can personalize the socks however you'd like.  Have Fun!


  1. lol When I first read this I was confused as to why paint would be on socks. Then I finally realized what you meant. Great tip. I wore those before.

  2. Aww man! Thats so cool. You mentioned kids socks, we're a couple of big kids that love the non-slip socks. My son is 17 and he asked for a pair for Christmas, now I can tell him to recycle those mismatched socks & get some puffy paint. LOVE IT!!!


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