Budget Tip #1 Plus a FREE Budget Worksheet

Throughout this next year I will be posting more on budgeting.  To get started I've created a list of some easy steps to get you started in the right direction. Remember that budgeting may take some time and organization, but it is completely worth it and can end up saving you a lot of money and hassle.

~ Collect all of your financial statements (bank, investments, bills)
~ Write down all of your current income: every source work, hobbies, games
~ Write down all of your monthly expenses (where is your money going)
~ Add all of your income and all of your monthly expenses
~ Determine what you have leftover from your income and try to save this.
~ If nothing is leftover, try to see where you can make some cuts to free up some money.

Click HERE to find 10 different budget worksheets to help you in every aspect of your life. Household, college planning, party planning, wedding planning, etc.

There are tips in my earlier posts on how to cut your current bills! Also, check out these great personal organizers!

Good luck with your Budget.  Stick with it…. It will help you and your family in the long run!