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Valentine's Day Cookie Review

First, I would like to thankSmiley Cookie for giving me the opportunity to review their beautiful delicious heart shaped cookies!  I was really looking forward to reviewing these cookies because I love sweets! I'm not very much into the flowers and box of chocolates.  Cookies (especially the personally designed ones) are a great tasting, unique, way to your loved ones heart.  The cookies were delivered in a very cute and cheerful smiley box.The heart shaped cookies were mouth watering sugar cookies that simply melt in your mouth, and they are hand-iced with a pretty pink frosting base and a white face that says, “I love you” with a smile. They tasted great, they looked beautiful, and they are just what you need this Valentine’s Day. Send them to your sweetheart, bring them to the office/school, or simply enjoy them with your family.Simley cookies are a great gift not only for Valentine’s Day, but all year round.
Valentine's Day is right around the corner and Smiley Cookie has t…

Printable Super Bowl Party Pack Review

Are you looking for a way to spice up your Super Bowl party. The Printable Super Bowl Party Game Pack is the best way to liven up your party, get everyone involved (even the ladies) and have a Super Fun Time!  The Super Bowl Party Game Pack includes 14 printable games, trivia questions, matching, and yes even games for the women or football haters at your party. The games are:
Super Bowl TriviaSuper Bowl Trivia 2History of Super Bowl Match-UpSuper Bowl Halftime Show TriviaTop Super Bowl Ads TriviaNFL Dirty Dozen triviaNFL Teams word searchNFL Home Cities matchCrazy Super Bowl Recipes Game for girlsSuper Stupid Bowl Mad Libs for girlsSuper ‘Bowl’ Toilet Trivia Game for girlsHot And Spicy Food TriviaBeers Of The World Printable Place mats TriviaFast Food TriviaThe best part of this game pack is that you get them instantly delivered to your computer and you can instantly download, print, and make as many copies as you want!  With this game pack you don't have to worry about your guest…

Applied Labels (TM) Review

Applied Labels ™ from Applied Labels LLC are cute, versatile and completely durable (dishwasher and laundry safe). They are perfect for labeling items such as:
*Clothes *Bottles
   *Sippy Cups
   *School Supplies
   *Household Items
   *Camp and Daycare gear
Applied labels are easy and safe to use on all your children’s items.My son is just about to start daycare so these labels came at just the right time. We were able to use the Applied Labels ™ on everything we need to leave or bring there. We labeled his shoes which were very easy, all we did was sandwich the Applied Label with one of the blank backers and we don’t ever need to worry about his name wearing off his clothes after washing them (which we do quite a bit).We even labeled his shoes using the Shoe Shields.He is still growing out of his shoes every couple months so it is nice that the label packs come with multiple labels and shields.

I was so excited when I had the opportunity to review the Applied Labels. As a firs…

Kindle and FREE James Patterson.

If you have not purchased a Kindle yet... now is the best time.  Amazon has the best price and tons of free book downloads!  Buy the Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology for only $139 and download James Patterson's newest book Tick Tock for FREE.

While you are on Amazon check out all the other FREE Kindle download! Happy Reading!

FREE - 48 page Pregnancy Planner

Click HERE for a FREE 48 page color Healthy Women Pregnancy Calender.  This is great for those of you who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or if you are looking for a great baby shower gift.  The planner also includes a 10-month calender section.  You can also order the Flu-FREE and a Mom-to-Be cards!

Melissa and Doug Sound Puzzles Deal

I have been trying to get my son interested in doing puzzles for a while.  Usually when I bring out a puzzle he either likes to throw the pieces or build mini piles all over the house.  He was never interested in actually putting the pieces in the actual puzzle board.  That was until we bought him the Farm Animals Wooden Sound Puzzle by Melissa and Doug.  He love this puzzle.  When you place the pieces in the board you hear the animal sounds.  These puzzles have perked his interest, kept him busy, and have helped him build new skills.  I totally recommend the sound making puzzles from Melissa and Doug for your kids.
Check out these great prices at, You can also get free shipping if you sign up for Amazon Prime!

Budget Tip #1 Plus a FREE Budget Worksheet

Throughout this next year I will be posting more on budgeting.  To get started I've created a list of some easy steps to get you started in the right direction. Remember that budgeting may take some time and organization, but it is completely worth it and can end up saving you a lot of money and hassle.

~ Collect all of your financial statements (bank, investments, bills) ~ Write down all of your current income: every source work, hobbies, games ~ Write down all of your monthly expenses (where is your money going) ~ Add all of your income and all of your monthly expenses ~ Determine what you have leftover from your income and try to save this. ~ If nothing is leftover, try to see where you can make some cuts to free up some money.
Click HERE to find 10 different budget worksheets to help you in every aspect of your life. Household, college planning, party planning, wedding planning, etc.
There are tips in my earlier posts on how to cut your current bills! Also, check out these great…

FREE LeapFrog Junior Book

Click HERE to get your FREE copy of the ABC Animal Orchestra LeapFrog Book.  We got this for our son and it was his favorite book for a while.  Each animal has an instrument and its fun when you read through the book to make all the different instrument sounds and describe the different animals.  This book creates a lot of great learning opportunities and its FREE!


Click HERE to choose either Well Being for Dummies or Retirement for Dummies Book for FREE!

FREEBIES: Baby Food, Air Pressure Kit, Charmin, K-Y

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years! Here is a list of FREEBIES for you to sign up for:

Click HERE for a FREE Beech Nut Starter Kit.  If you have a baby who is going to start solid food soon this is a great kit.  You get a bunch of free samples, coupons, tips and advice, and a free infant spoon.

Click HERE for a FREE Hankook Tire air pressure kit (type in the words AIR and UP into the slogan line)

Click HERE for a FREE Charmin Extender (toilet paper extender)

Click HERE for a FREE SAMPLE of K-Y Personal Intrigue Lubricant (ADULTS ONLT)