Fisher Price Dance Star Mickey

I was just out of town with my son visiting the grand parents. We were all out shopping and saw a Fisher Price Dancing Mikey Mouse 2 weeks ago on sale at Toys R Us.  They had tons of them on the shelf, but at the time we weren't sure we really wanted to purchase one.  Well a week later we decided we wanted to buy one for my sons birthday coming up and just like that they were SOLD OUT!  I couldn't believe that in just one week there was this huge Dancing Mickey craze.  We called every store and checked every website and nobody had a Dancing Mickey.  Also, I could not believe what I was seeing on ebay and other sites like it.  People are up selling these Dancing Mickey's for way to much (around $100).  Here are some tips on how to snag and save on a Fisher Price Dancing Mickey Mouse.

~ Call your local Toys R Us (or other store) before going to see if they are in stock.
~ If not in stock ask when the next shipment will come in. When the next shipment is due in make sure you are there when the store opens! It might even be worth it to ask where the display case is before getting there.
~ Use a 20% off coupon that comes stuck on the newsletter or in the coupon booklets offered in stores. (Toys R Us).
~ The Dancing Mickey is going for $59.99-$69.99 in stores.... DO NOT over pay for one on Ebay.
~ If you are unable to find one before your gift giving time.... I suggest offering an IOU (and go all out). Fisher price has all the Dancing Mickey songs, dances, and games available to view online. When you make your IOU, decorate it, put a time limit on it, and always end it with love, hugs, and kisses.  Items like this are always available after the holiday season so don't panic if you can't snag one before January.

If you are serious about purchasing a Dance Star Mickey and price is not a factor click here: