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Toy Story 3 Review and Deal

We had a family movie night last night and our feature film was Toy Story 3. This movie was so good that I had to come do a mini review of it. The movie was completely entertaining and the whole family loved it.  This movie has it all; action, humor, heart, and suspense.  The imagination and creativity are simply amazing.  Watching this movie will put you right back into your childhood, wishing you could hold your favorite toy one more time and never let go.  I highly recommend this movie for your next family movie night or even for your next date night

Here is a hot deal for Toy Story 3.  It would make a great gift for any age. 

Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet??


  1. Stopping by to say hi and I am your newest follower from FMBT. Have a great weekend.

  2. The Toy Story collectors edition is actually a MUCH better deal. It comes with Toy Story 1-3 and it's not just the DVD, it comes with the 3 disc combo packs, with the Blu-rays, DVDs, and digital copies. It's got a total of ten discs and comes in a really awesome tin that is in the shape of Andy's toybox for only $89.99 Canadian...

    It's amazing! I highly recommend that one for when DVD becomes redundant and Blu-ray becomes the norm.


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