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Tips to Save Money on your Heating Bill

Is your heating bill higher than you'd like? Ours was to... until we started making a few changes around the house.  Here is a great list to get you started!

~ Insulate your doors.  You can very easily (and cheaply) buy the two sided insulation foam to place around your doors.  If you are losing heat from under your door, simply use a towel to cover the opening.
Click link for foam insulation: Duck 1278973 Foam Weatherstrip Tape, 5/16-Inch x 3/8-Inch x 10-Foot, 2-Rolls

~ Insulate your windows - you can buy a clear plastic sheet to attach to the inside or outsides of your windows to keep the heat in and the cold out.
Click Link for Window Insulation: Window Insulation Shrink Plastic Film Fit Inside Storm Windows 4 Pack Kit, Weathersealing

~ Turn the heat down - even a few degrees make a huge difference.  Find a temperature that is comfortable for the whole family and keep it there.  Try to stay in between 66-70 degrees if you can.  Also if you don't have one already, install a digital thermostat so you can program the heat to be turned down during the hours you are away from home.
Click Link for Digital Thermostats: Honeywell RTH221B Basic Programmable Thermostat

~ Use the oven -  When you are cooking or baking opt to use the oven over other methods.

~ Open the Blinds - Let the sunshine in and heat your home naturally.

~ Light the fireplace or burn some candles - The heat from a candle may not seem like much, but seeing the flame may trick your brain into thinking its warmer :)

~ Use space heaters - if you keep your thermostat down, think about using a space heater in the room you frequent.

~ If you have ceiling fans - Now is the time to reverse the spin to help push the warm air down.

Otherwise I suggest to wear warm clothes, keep socks on your feet, grab blanket, snuggle, cuddle, and grab some hot chocolate!  What have you tried?


  1. Great tips! We do all of these. Last year, we completely blocked off 2 of our rooms and put the plastic sheeting on the windows. We were keeping our heat at 70, we now keep it at 60! :)

  2. Wow.. 60 that is amazing. We haven't ventured that low yet, we are still between the 68-70 range. Blocking off rooms is a great idea... we have one room we really never use, I will be trying that out! Thanks for your tip!

  3. Thanks for your tips! We keep ours semi low...64. If it wasn't for the baby we'd be lower! lol! Thanks for stopping by and linking up at my blog hop! I am following you now!

  4. Wow, where has your blog been all my life? Lol I love it and I'm following through Relax and Surf Sundays blog hop.

    If you have a button I'd love to add it to my blog quilt!

  5. Hi there. I am a new follower from the blog hop! You can find me at CHeck out my handmade giveaways when you stop by:)

  6. That's a new one to me about fixing the spin direction on your ceiling fan. Neat! It was interesting reading this blog posting.

  7. These are great ideas

    Fellow BLog Hopper:)

  8. tips are really interesting..thx for sharing..


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