Halloween Freebies

Free Printable Coloring Sheets
Click Here for Coloring Sheets

Free Scary Sound Effects
Click Here for Sound Effects

Free Candy Samples (won't be delivered in time for Halloween)
Click Here for Samples

Free Halloween Stationary
Click Here for Stationary

Free Kids Meal at TGIF (Friday only with the purchases of an adult meal, kids must be in costume)

Free Kids Meal at Applebees (Kids in costume under the age of 12 with the purchase of an adult meal. Kids will also receive a Treat Sheet that includes 10 free kids meal coupons)

Free Halloween Music
Click Here for Music

Participating McDonald Restaurants are offering special coupon booklets that include 12 Free Food Coupons for $1 the coupons are: 3 hamburgers. 3 small cones, 3 apple juice or milk jug, 3 dippers or free small fries, All for A $1!  This is a great deal if you are into McDonald's.