Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Freebies

Free Printable Coloring Sheets
Click Here for Coloring Sheets

Free Scary Sound Effects
Click Here for Sound Effects

Free Candy Samples (won't be delivered in time for Halloween)
Click Here for Samples

Free Halloween Stationary
Click Here for Stationary

Free Kids Meal at TGIF (Friday only with the purchases of an adult meal, kids must be in costume)

Free Kids Meal at Applebees (Kids in costume under the age of 12 with the purchase of an adult meal. Kids will also receive a Treat Sheet that includes 10 free kids meal coupons)

Free Halloween Music
Click Here for Music

Participating McDonald Restaurants are offering special coupon booklets that include 12 Free Food Coupons for $1 the coupons are: 3 hamburgers. 3 small cones, 3 apple juice or milk jug, 3 dippers or free small fries, All for A $1!  This is a great deal if you are into McDonald's.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Freebies and Samples

  • 2 John Frieda Free Samples:  Sheer Blonde and Root Awakening
Click Here For Sheer Blonde Sample
Click Here for Root Awakening Sample
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food Sample (Click on the Switch to Nutrish More Info Tab, bottom left).
Click Here for Dog Food Sample
  • Free Bayer Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Meter
Click Here for Free Meter

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick Tip: Cut Your Bills

Are you paying to much for cable, Internet, phone, natural gas, electricity, etc??  There is a new website that you can search for the best deals in your area.  You will be able to see a side-by-side comparison of prices for companies like ATT, Comcast, Cox, DrirectTV, Nicor, etc.  It's worth checking out if your looking to save some money.

The website is

I just searched for deals in our area... and we are going to be switching our cable company which will save us $60/month.  Amazing!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Free Samples

  • Free Sample of Jergens Lotion
Click Here for Sample
  • 2 Free Samples of Yogi Tea for a Friend
Click Here for Tea Samples

Don't forget that offers FREE SAMPLES everyday between 9-10am.  I've added their link to the list websites on the free sample page.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting in Shape With NO Gym Membership

Getting in Shape does not require a hefty gym membership fee.  There are plenty of free resources, workouts, and plans to get you on the right track.  Here are my quick tips to getting in shape on a budget.

1.     Motivation – Ask yourself these three questions: And write them down!
a.    Why do you want to get in shape?
                                          i.    It is very important before starting any new routine that you determine the “why”.   Do you want to lose weight, look better, feel better?
b.    What will you gain from getting in shape?
                                          i.    Do you have an underlying condition that could get better with weight loss? Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bad back, etc.
c.    Who are you getting in shape for?
                                          i.    This is the easy one… YOU! Getting in shape and staying healthy is the best gift you could give to yourself.  So take this opportunity to say… I can do this, I want to do this, I will do this! Pump yourself up and get ready to Get Healthy!
2.    Setting a Goal –
a.    Set goals that are realistic.  Here are some examples of realistic goals
                                          i.    Lose 2 pounds every 2 weeks
                                        ii.    Lower Blood pressure/Cholesterol in 6 months
                                       iii.    Start with 2 sets of 10, eventually going up to 3 sets of 15 in a few months
b.    If your goals are unrealistic you are going to set yourself up for failure… Please Be Realistic Especially for Women:  The weight is not just going to fall off because you started working out or eating right for 2 weeks… its going to take TIME and DEDICATION.
3.    Exercise and Eating Right-
a.    Exercise alone will not help you get the results you want.  You have to change your eating habits.
b.    To change your eating habits: start slow.  Make one change a week and stick with it.
                                          i.    First week add one vegetable to your plate for dinner each night of the week.
                                        ii.    Second week add one fruit to your plate for breakfast every morning.
                                       iii.    Third week add a vegetable or fruit to your lunch every day.
                                       iv.    Forth week – make sure you're eating whole grains instead of white grains
                                        v.    Continue adding the good and taking away the bad each week.
                                       vi.    Your behaviors will change…. But it will take some getting used too!
c.    Allow yourself a special treat here and there.  You can still eat your favorite treats… just remember to eat them in moderation and watch your portions.

Now that we are motivated, set our goals, and changed our eating habits let’s get to the workout!
You can technically workout for free in the comfort of your own home using a technique called:

Bodyweight Exercise: Exercise that requires no equipment. These can be done anywhere, anytime, free of charge.
·         Abdominal exercises – Sit-ups, crunches, plank, side plank
·         Push-ups – can be done on hands/feet, or hands/knees
·         Chair Dips/Stair Dips
·         Jumping Jacks
·         Mountain Climbers
·         Wall Sit
·         Squats
·         Superman
·         Balance
For the complete list and techniques click here

Here is a list of great workout equipment that can get you fit without breaking the bank:
·         Hand weights - Vinyl Covered Dumbbells - 5 lb Navy Blue
·         Resistance bands - Basic Resistance Bands Workout Set
·         Balance Ball - Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit (65cm)
·         Jump ropes -  Valeo Deluxe Speed Jump Rope

Here is a list of Great websites that offer FREE workouts, workout plans, diet plans, tools, and calculators

My goal is to lose 5 pounds this month.  Here is a quick peek at my plan.
My usual breakfast: oatmeal, yogurt, and a fruit
My usual Lunch: Sandwich with meat and veggies, a fruit
My usual dinner: Skinless chicken breast, veggies, and some type of carb
My usual dessert: skinny cow ice cream fudge bad (60 calories) or Jell-O pudding
My usual snacks: String cheese, granola bar, fruit cups
I only drink water (occasionally juice), I don’t drink any caffeine, and No alcohol.
I have a balance ball (I have the above Gaiam Kit comes with the ball, bands, and dvds), resistance bands, and hand weights that I use 3-4 days a week
I look up all my free workouts on and use to track my progress.

*Remember that walking, jogging, and running are all great workouts and are all free. 
What are your goals??  YOU CAN DO THIS! We can do this together…. If you need a support buddy feel free to contact me!

What are your goals??

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mondays Freebies

  • Grab a free sample of Wisk Laundry detergent from Target:
Click Here for Sample
  • Free Sample of Granier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo from Wal-Mart
Click Here for Sample

  • If you are looking at rings... go request your Free Ring Sizer from Blue Nile
Click Here for Ring Sizer

Keep a look out later this week for: Getting in Shape without Breaking the Wallet!

I hope everyone bought their jumpropes.  If not check some out here:
Harbinger 331200 Trigger Handle 10-Foot Adjustable PVC Jump Rope

While you are waiting for these great tips look into purchasing an excersize/yoga ball.   Check some out and do a little research.  I will be including workouts and benefits from using an excersize ball in my post.  To get you started check out this yoga ball from GOGO.
 GOGO™ 65cm Yoga Balance Ball / Fitness Stability Ball / Pilates Exercise Ball

Friday, October 15, 2010

My First Guest Post: Social Life on a Budget

I am happy to announce my first guest post.  This post was written by Nat, a published author who also writes for several websites. After reading this wonderful post please check out her websites: (also please select to "like" Mojave Max on facebook he could use your support!)

Here is a little bit of information on Mojave Max the Tortoise:
I am Mojave Max, and I have been very busy since I became the Spokestortoise for the Clark County Desert Conservation Program  in 1995. I have been telling people about native species, what they can do to protect their local environments, and how to safely enjoy nature!
Having a social life on a budget.

You work hard every week, pinch every penny, and clip your coupons, but having fun is something that should not be scrapped completely!  Here are some tips on how to save money on leisure activities:

1) Move your date night up by two hours.  By hitting happy hour instead of opting for a full meal, you can cut your dining expense in half- or even less.  Have you wanted to try that nice restaurant but it is out of your budget?  Check and see if they have happy hour!  The list of places that host them will surprise you. You can eat a variety of small plates- some as little as $3.00 and under- and keep your bill under $25.00 for two people.  The trick is to opt for cheaper or on-special beverages to get the happy hour pricing; if you buy that $8.00 appletini, it isn't going to help reduce overall cost.  In some towns it is illegal to openly post a happy hour, or even advertise it, so you will have to do some website snooping to find one near you. One place to start: .... or you can try looking at the websites of the individual restaurants in your area.

2) Stay informed with the places you enjoy.  I have "liked" all of my favorite restaurants on Facebook and signed up for their emails.  Because of this, I know that my favorite cajun place has happy hour all day on Sundays, or that my favorite seafood place is offering two dinners for $20.00 to anyone who mentions their newsletter.  I also receive coupons and free meals on my Birthday.  If you are worried about spam in your inbox, create a separate account for your newsletters & special offers.

3) Take advantage of frequent buyer programs on places you actually frequent.  It is a waste of time to sign up for a punch card or discount card to places you will only eat once, and you will end up receiving a ton of junk mail because of it.  Think about the places you really enjoy going and see if they have any program that rewards repeat visits.  Some movie theater chains reward you with free popcorn or even free movie tickets. Some restaurants give you a free dessert after eating there X amount of times.  Even bowling alleys and miniature golf places might have programs to keep customers coming back. 

4) Volunteer!  Is there a big festival that you would love to attend, but don't have the budget? See if they need volunteers!  Not only will you spend a few hours helping your community, event volunteers usually get special perks such as free admission, free food, and free t-shirts!  You can also check out volunteering at your local theater, museum, or library- you might be surprised at the benefits they pass on to volunteers.

5) Go with a group.  If you can gather more than ten of your friends, most box offices for live productions, musicals, tours, museums, zoos, and more will give you group discounts if you purchase tickets in blocks.  The trick is to ask- instead of simply arriving on the planned day and hoping the cashier will take pity on you, call the box office days before and ask to speak to the manager.  Explain the size of your group and inquire about group discounts- remember, it is free to ask!

6) Find out what your city is doing.  You would be amazed at the amount of free things go on in your area.  Check out your town's chamber of commerce, your local library, local newspaper, or your public television's website.  There are free movies, free kids activities, festivals, free museum days, free plays, and other community events that go on monthly!

7) Go to the movies for free!  If you live near a major metropolitan area and enjoy seeing free movies, start checking out the posts at Fat Wallet:  Always make sure you are on the most recent page of the thread, and scroll through to find screenings near your city.  Not only will you get to see free movies before your friends, sometimes at the screenings you will receive free swag!  The trick is checking the site often to find a screening in your area and signing up as soon as you see it posted- these fill up fast.  You will also have to get to the theater early to ensure a seat- they overbook these on purpose to fill the theater.

Hope you enjoyed these tips on getting out for less! 

*don't forget to "like" Mojave Max on facebook

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


  • Free Ear Plugs -Hearos Company is offering one FREE sample of ear plugs per household.
Click here for sample
  • Free Dog Food - Natura Advantage is offering one FREE 5-6lb bag of dog food.
Click Here for Free Dog Food
  • Free 6-pack of Childrens Books -Pacific Learning is offering a FREE 6-pack of books if you register with their site (new users only).
Click Here for Free Books
  • Free pacage of Kleenex for you and a friend
Click Here for Free Kleenex
  • Free Beauty Product Sample from Target - Granier Moisture Rescue
Click Here for Target Free Sample
  • Free U by Kotex Sample Kit: 1 pad, 1 liner, 2 tampons
Click Here for Kotex Sample
  • 2 Free photo cards at Wal-Mart:
Click Here for Free Photo Cards
  • 50 Free Sheets of Origami Paper
Click Here for Free Paper Sample

Phew... Okay I know there are a lot of FREEBIES here so take your time and and make sure you sign up for them all.  Even if you don't need it or can't use it... maybe someone you know can. Freebies make great gifts, can be used in giveaways, and most importantly can always be donated!

Monday, October 11, 2010

FREE Gym Pass

I have compiled a list of fitness centers that offer a FREE day pass or trial.  Browse the list below and find the club nearest to you and enjoy a free workout on them.

LA Fitness: Print Free Guest Pass
Click Here

24 Hour Fitness: Free 7 Day Pass
Click Here

Lifetime Fitness:  Free 7 Day Membership Trial
Click Here

XSport Fitness: Free 7 Day Guest Pass
Click Here

Bally Total Fitness:  Free 7 Day Guest Pass
Click Here

Soon to come:  How to lose the weight without paying for the hefty gym membership.
Preview: You can start your new workout with the purchase of a simple jump rope.  Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular workout, its inexpensive, can be done virtually anywhere at anytime.  Check out a great selection here:
Savasa for Women Eco 8-Foot Jump Rope
Everlast Deluxe Speed Rope
Valeo Deluxe Speed Jump Rope
Valeo 2-Pound Weighted Jump Rope
Aero Speed Hyperformance Jump Rope

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Decorations

This year it is not in our budget to go buy a bunch of halloween decorations. I still wanted to make the house look festive for my son so I decided to make my own decorations for cheap. Making your own decorations is a great way to get the family involved in "craft time" and you will be suprised at how many things you can reuse in your home all while saving money and recycling!

List of what you will need:
paper plates, water bottles, milk jug, shoe boxes (or any cardboard boxes) string, scissors, tape, black marker, orange white and black paint, medium paint brush.
*make sure jug and bottles are cleaned and dry
*Buy only small bottles of craft acrylic paint (around $1.00 at Hobby Lobby)

  • To make pumpkins:  Paint the milk jug, some water bottles, and the back of the paper plates orange.  Then use the marker to draw a jack-o-lantern face.  You can fill the jug and bottles with sand, rocks, or whatever else you have around to anchor them and set them out on your porch. You can use the string or tape to hang the paper plate pumpkin face on your door or windows.

  • To make flying ghosts or bats:  Paint some of the water bottles white and the others black.  Draw whatever facial features you'd like onto the white bottles to make them look more like ghosts.  Then use the string to hang the bottles from your trees, light fixutes, or somewhere inside the house.

  • To make a mask: Use the back of the paper plates to paint, draw, or cut out facial features.  Use the string to tie around your head (**please be carefull with using string around children**)

  • Window decals or yard decorations:  The shoe boxes and paper plates can be used to make your own window decals.  Just paint, draw, and cut out whatever shapes you like. The shoe boxes or cardboard boxes can make great tombstones.

So far I have hung a paper plate mask on our front door, and put pumpkin water bottles in each window (they have gotten some rave reviews around the neighborhood) and I have hung up some flying ghosts.

Be creative, have fun, and enjoy yourself.  See what fun decorations you can come up with! Here are a couple of ours.

You can also use leaves or grass to glue to your plates or bottles to give them a more authentic look. Or collect your leaves and put them in a white garbage bag and draw/paint a face on it for a festive lawn decoration.

The ideas are endless... will you try making some of your own decorations this year?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FREEBIES for Your Pets

After receiving many requests for pet Freebies I'm happy to announce I have started a Pet Freebies List: Enjoy and please keep the requests coming!

  • Are you bringing home a new pet?  If so you can get a free exam and office visit at Banfield Pet Hospital (inside Petsmart stores).  Click the link below to get your Free exam coupon.

Free Pet Exam Coupon

  • Purina Tidy Cats coupon save $1.00 off your next purchase
TidyCats Coupon
  • Register with the Pedigree Puppy Program and receive: a subscription to the Puppy Scoops e-newsletter, an informative puppy care guide, and a free gift.
Sign Up Here

  • Free Pet Safety Kit from the ASPCA
Sign Up Here

  • Buy one individual Greenies Dental Chew get one free coupon
Greenies BOGO Coupon

FREE Samples from Target

Target has free samples available on their website on a page called the Sample Spot.  Right now they have two available FREE samples: Glad Odor Shield with Febreze trash bags and Tide Acti-Lift laudry detergent.  Just click the link below and sign up for these great Free samples.

Target Free Samples

Saturday, October 2, 2010

FREE Curel Lotion Sample

Here is another great FREE SAMPLE.  Click on the link below and just fill out the form to receive a sample
packet (.25 fl. oz.) of Curél® Sensitive Skin Remedy™ Lotion.   Offer is good throught 12/31/10.

Click Here for Sample

I love free samples:  They are free, They are the perfect size to fit in your purse, diaper bag, breiftcase, suitcase, and its a great way to test new products!

*please read my tips for signing up for free samples under the FREE SAMPLE tab!

FREE - Estee Lauder Foundation

I just found this great FREEBIE SAMPLE on Este Lauder's public event facebook page.  Here are the details per Estee Lauder.

Friday, October 1 at 9:00am - October 31 at 9:00pm

LocationYour Local Estée Lauder Counter

Created By

More InfoGet a free 10-day supply of your ideal liquid foundation shade.

When it comes to your foundation, at Estée Lauder, we get it right every time. There’s a shade for every skintone, a formula for every skin need. And each foundation is created with our world-leading skincare expertise. Let our iMatch™ System help you find the foundation that’s definitely you.

To guarantee a perfect fit, visit your nearest Estée Lauder Counter in October and receive a 10-day supply of your ideal liquid foundation in your shade. Free, no purchase necessary.

Find a store near you at

*Offer good while supplies last. One to a customer, please.