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Free Window Cord Retrofit Kit

Kids + Cords = Caution

The Window Covering Saftey Council is offering free window cord retrofit kits.  These kits are great, easy to use, and best of all keep the kids safe!

Please visit this website

Click on the link on the left labeled Order Free Retrofit Kit
when you get to the next page just find which window coverings you use and place that free order.


  1. Fortunately, I don't have any kids to worry about this, but for anyone who has a kid, it doesn't hurt to be safe.

    I mean, how much better can the deal get? IT'S FREE! Haha, so go ahead and get it, even if you are thinking of having a kid, or will ever have kids over.

    Everyone should have their windows cords retrofitted, in the case that a young kid is unexpectedly over, even for a few minutes.

    Another good post, Rose. Where do you find all of this good stuff? Or is it a blog-niche trade secret? ;P

  2. There are so many accidents over here with kids falling off from window since most of us stays in flats.. I wasn't expecting that issues relating to windows exist over at your side.. Thanks for sharing..

  3. HI!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words! :) I'm following you too. Have a lovely afternoon!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!


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