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FREE John Frieda Product

Here is a link to a FREE full size sample of John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo or conditioner at any ULTA store (not available on-line) offer ends 10/02 so hurry in!  Also if you prefer to buy your products on-line, Ulta offers 3 free samples with every order.  Just click their free sample tab to select the samples you want before checking out.  Ulta also provides great coupons in their Sunday ads.

Ulta Coupon

FREE Tickets to the Theater

Looking for something to do in October that is FREE of charge?
Theatre Communications Group's
FREE NIGHT OF THEATER program is back this October and coming to a theatre near you! Tickets will be offered to performances between October 1st and October 31st. Tickets will begin going live on September 20th. Tickets release dates vary by region.
The Free Night of Theatre program introduces people to the thrill of live theatre - absolutely FREE of charge!  So schedule a date night, a family outing, or a night out with the girls or guys.

Click the link below to reserver your tickets now! (only in select cities)

5 Steps to Becoming a Pro at Using Coupons

1.Gather the RedPlum and SmartSource coupon inserts from the Sunday newspaper. a.The Sunday paper is cheapest at the dollar store b.Save all inserts – DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY – start filing them. 2.From the paper, pick out these ads: local grocery stores, Wal-mart, Target, Walgreens, and CVS. a.And/or other stores you like to shop 3.Now flip through the store ad and find out what is on sale. 4.Flip through your SmartSource and Redplum coupons and match the coupons to the products that are on sale. 5.Coupons are also available on-line through smartsource and redplums website,, Groupon,, and most of the time at your favorite products website. *This is how the pros do it…. The other trick is to find a website you like that provides a list of matchups already done. So all you have to do is gather your coupon inserts and clip away! One of my local favorite websites is out her Weekly Deals Post, you will find matchups for grocery stores, Walgreens, target…

Quick Tip: DIY Face Wash

Stop wasting your money on overpriced, harsh, commercial face washes.You can easily make your own face wash with ingredients you already have at home.I’m going to include my favorite recipes for face washes and tips on how to get an easy natural glow.Here is a quick list of items you will need.
Milk Measuring Spoons Honey Small Bowls Oatmeal Cotton balls Salt Wash cloth

Making Your Own Hair Products

Making your own prodcuts (like shampoo and conditioner) can be really fun, save you some money, and is a very green way to live.One of the best products to do this with that is also very versatile is Dr. Bronners Castile Liquid  and flakes Soap.This product can be used in so many ways and you can pretty much add whatever you’d like to it to give your own personal touch.I will provide a few do it yourself shampoo and conditioner recipes.Next week I will share some DIY face wash recipes and share my tips on how you can become a PRO couponer! Shampoo Recipes: #1 (You can add different herbs or oils to this recipe to add your favorite scent) ·4 ounces castile soap flakes ·One quart of boiling water ·Pour boiling water into the flakes, stir to dissolve, cool, and store in plastic bottle.
#2 (This recipe can last a long time because you will only need a little at a time) ·1 cup Castile liquid soap ·2 tbsp apple cider vinegar ·¾ tsp oil of your choice if needed for dry hair (tea tree, vitamin E oil,…

Quick Note: FREE Museum Admission Ticket

I just found out that September 25th is the 6th annual Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day.  If you go to their website you can fill out a form to get a FREE admissions ticket to the museum of your choice.  Take the family, take your date, or enjoy a day out by yourself for FREE! 

Here is the link:

Thank you Smithsonian Magazine and don't forget to support your local museums!

Quick Tip: Online Bill Pay

Online bill pay is becoming very popular and I recommend looking into it as most banks and service companies are offering the service for FREE.  Paying your bills online can help cut costs (buying stamps/envelopes).  It can also help save our trees that are dissappearing at a high rate. Help yourself and help the environment... go paperless!

*savings tip - for every bill you pay online, put the $0.40 you used to pay for the stamps in your piggy bank and at the end of the year treat yourself to something nice!

Free Window Cord Retrofit Kit

Kids + Cords = Caution

The Window Covering Saftey Council is offering free window cord retrofit kits.  These kits are great, easy to use, and best of all keep the kids safe!

Please visit this website

Click on the link on the left labeled Order Free Retrofit Kit
when you get to the next page just find which window coverings you use and place that free order.

Kraft Mac and Cheese Coupon

If you would like to redeem a high value coupon for Kraft Macaroni and cheese follow these steps:

Go to this website:
Play a quick fun Spin the Wheel Game
Win points and Print your coupon (or you can have it mailed to you).

*To make this deal even sweater, use the coupon when you find Kraft Macaroni on sale (but make sure you use it before the expiration date)

How to Save on Your Electric Bill

Have you ever wondered how you could save money on your electric bill? It is very possible to lower your bill and at the same time help the environment! First we all know there are basic ways to save on our power bills so here is a quick list (including their approximate yearly savings):
• Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs = $125
• Turn off lights and appliances = $300
• Wash laundry in cold water = $160 • Hang dry clothes instead of using a dryer = $200
Another trick we have found to make a difference in our bill is to UNPLUG appliances when not in use. All of our appliances drain energy when plugged in (even if they are in the off position). If you would like to find out how much energy your appliances are really using you can purchase a watt meter and measure it yourself and then determine which ones are worth unplugging. Some watt meters that are available can actually calculate how much you could save by simply keeping appliances unplugged.
Some other tips:

• Use fans instead …

Quick Tip: Grow your own herb garden

Growing your own herbs can indeed save you money. You will have the opportunity to control which herbs you grow and can literally plant as much as you want. If you are new to gardening all you have to do is buy a planter, soil, and seeds, and you can watch your herbs grow right on your windowsill. Or for those who are more advanced go ahead a plant some herbs right in your garden.
Not only will planting herbs yourself save money and flavor your food, the aromatics will also help freshen your home. And if you get really into it you can start to look up how different herbs can help when you are sick (herbal remedies). So have fun, experiment, and remember every time you plant something green you are helping our environment. Happy planting.
Don’t forget to check back soon, I will be posting the electric bill slashing tips!