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Quick Tip: Dryer Sheets

Cut your dryer sheets in half and the box will last twice as long.  The empty dryer sheet boxes can be used to hold coupons, buttons, batteries, lose nails/screws, pens and pencils, pretty much whatever you want! In the summer (if it is humid in your area) try to go without dryer sheets for a couple months.

Tomorrow I will be posting all the tricks to save on your electric bill, so make sure you check back as you won't want to miss this post!


  1. This is probably good for me since i use a lot of dryer sheets. My plan is to cut them into fourths so i still feel like i'm using a lot when really i'm only using one. Thank you rose!

  2. Even better than dryer sheets is this little trick: get yourself a gallon of white vinegar. Use a cup of it in your wash like you would fabric softener. The smell will disappear in the dryer, or better yet, hang dry outside in the sunshine. Environmentally friendly and less cost than fabric sheets.

    bkpkgene @ bloggeries


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